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Can I add my own user-definable (custom) report into the list of available reports?

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    Can I add my own user-definable (custom) report into the list of available reports?

    Yes. Firstly you need to save your custom report in the SellerDeck installation directory* (you will see all of the other .rpt files that SellerDeck uses there).

    Next, you need to edit the file called ‘Reports.ini’ with a plain text editor, which can be found within the site** folder (If there is only one site within the software it will be called 'Site1', if there are multiple sites within the software you will need to browse to the site folder name corresponding to the current site you are using).

    At the top of the file are a detailed set of instructions and parameters then the bottom of the file is divided into 'sections' these are names surrounded by square brackets, groups of parameters that instruct the software how to present each one of the files grouped below it.
    There is already a main section included within the file called: -


    and everything must appear below that.

    Therefore to include your report you would need to add a section name for that report, firstly we have to make a declaration of that section, so a section called 'ArbitraryName' would look like this: -

    ArbitraryName="My Reports"

    The text to the right of the declaration ("My Reports") would be displayed in the report dialog box within the software and would be what you click on to select the report.

    Once you have made the declaration you can add the section and name of the report. In this example that would look like this: -


    This gives the section name and uses the parameter 'ReportName' with the file name of the report that you have created. Together they will look like this: -

    ArbitraryName="My Reports"

    This is the bare minimum required to add the report and display it in the 'Report Selection' dialog in a tab called 'User Defined Reports'.

    Here is an example of a report using some of the parameters available: -

    TransactionsSummaryByReferrer="Transaction Summary by Referrer"

    FromDate="Select &From:"
    ToDate="Select &To:"
    TestedDate=" ordered"
    ExtraConditions="{Orders.bOrderIsDeleted} = false and {Orders.nPaymentStatus} <> 8 and {Orders.nPaymentStatus}>0"

    Here is a brief outline of some of the parameters available: -

    [Reports] : A section that lists the user defined reports and references a section giving the report details.

    [TransactionsSummaryByReferrer]: the section for this report

    ReportName: the file name of the report. The file must be in the main catalog installation directory*

    FromDate: displays the date prompt in the reports dialog box for the 'from date'

    ToDate: displays the date prompt in the reports dialog box for the 'to date'

    TestedDate: the Crystal format date field to test

    PromptID: prompt id for report string

    PromptPhase: prompt phase for report string

    SelectionFormula: selection formula for the report

    ExtraConditions: extra 'where' clause conditions

    PLEASE NOTE: Unfortunately, you cannot make a custom report work with the Catalog items or orders currently selected within the software.

    *This is the 'SellerDeckvX' folder (where X is replaced with the version of the software) under the 'Program Files' folder.
    ** Depending on the installation option chosen or operating system used, the 'Site' folder can be found in either 'My Documents', 'Documents', 'Shared Documents' or 'Program Files' in the folder 'SellerDeckvX\Sites\' (with X replacing the version number).