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WorldPay URLs in versions of the software older than versions v10.0.4 and 11.0.1

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    WorldPay URLs in versions of the software older than versions v10.0.4 and 11.0.1

    WorldPay URLs within SellerDeck software have been the standard URLs since 10.0.4 (in the v10 series of the software) and 11.0.1 (within the v11 series).

    Versions older than this, may use older URLs and may require updating to the standard URLs now used.

    The WorldPay URLs can be changed in any version using the following instructions.

    Please go to the installation folder which would normally be something similar to: -

    C:\Program Files\Actinic v10\OCCUpgrade
    C:\Program Files (x86)\SellerDeck v11\OCCUpgrade
    • Locate the file 'OCCUpgrade.ini' and open it in a plain text editor
    • Search for the WorldPay URLs by searching for ‘OCCWorldPayScriptTemplate’. You should see something similar to the following four lines
    • If the above is exactly what is in your file then the URLs do not need changing and you can close the file.
    • If they are not then proceed with the following steps
    • Replace the four lines found within your file with the four lines above
    • Once you have done this scroll up to the top of the file and locate the [Version] number it should look something like this:
    • Whatever the current value for ‘Number’ is, add 1 to it so in the example above it would become
    • Save the file and close it
    • Then restart your 'Sellerdeck' or 'Actinic' software

    Upon starting the software, the 'OCC Provider Upgrader' should start for each site opened after making the change.

    NOTE: If the 'OCC Provider Upgrade' box does not appear then edit the 'OCCUpgrade.ini' file again and just increment the [Version] number at the top of the file.
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