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Using Amazon Pay with Sellerdeck Desktop

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    Using Amazon Pay with Sellerdeck Desktop

    Integration with Amazon Pay is included in Sellerdeck Desktop from v18.0.4 and v16.0.6.

    Adding Amazon Pay as a Payment Method will enable your customers to pay for their orders using their Amazon accounts.

    Customers who use Amazon Pay will bypass the main part of your checkout process, and pass through the Amazon checkout instead. After payment they will be returned to an order confirmation page on your site, and they will be sent your standard order confirmation email.

    IMPORTANT – Please note:

    1. Sellerdeck 2016 (v16) users may need to follow some additional steps to enable the integration. After following the steps below, please also refer to the additional Knowledge Base article:

    Using Amazon Pay with Sellerdeck 2016.

    2. Amazon requires that the Amazon Pay button appears on a secure page. Sellerdeck recommends that your whole site should be configured to use SSL, but SSL may be used for the checkout and login alone. In this case the button will not appear on the View Cart page.

    You will need a secure certificate installed on your server by your web host. Once installed, enable SSL for your website as follows:

    1. Select ‘Payment and Security’ from the Sellerdeck ‘Business Settings’ menu.
    2. Tick ‘Use SSL/TLS’ under ‘Payment Security’
    3. Select the option you wish to use – either ‘Whole Site’ (recommended) or ‘Checkout, Login and Account Details Pages Only’
    4. You may need to update your network settings

    For full information about using Amazon Pay for business, see

    Adding Amazon Pay to Your Website

    To register for an Amazon Pay account for your Sellerdeck Desktop website, do the following:

    1. Select ‘Payment and Security’ from the ‘Business Settings’ menu.
    2. Add an item to the list of Payment Methods,
    3. Select ‘Amazon Pay’ and click ‘Configure Method’. This will bring up the Configuration dialog for Amazon Pay.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	APConfig.png Views:	19 Size:	14.8 KB ID:	551720

    4. Click the ‘Information and Registration’ button and follow the instructions on screen. Note that Amazon Pay requires a different account than the one used to Sell on Amazon.

    NB once you have set up your Amazon Pay account, you will need to whitelist your domain with Amazon. Towards the top right of your Seller Central page, select ‘Login with Amazon’ from the drop down next to the merchant’s name. Your web site URL should be entered in the section ‘Web Settings’.

    5. To enable your website to accept payments via Amazon Pay, complete the details in the Configuration dialog as described below. Then click ‘OK’ and Publish to Web.

    Web Site Description This is the online name that will be shown to your customers during the checkout stage at your web site. It will also appear as the 'Web Site Description' field in the main 'Payment and Security' panel.
    Provider A confirmation of the PSP name. This field is not editable
    Run in production mode Use only with the live keys from your Amazon Pay account. When you select this option, money starts changing hands.
    Select it only when you have run in test mode and are satisfied that your Amazon Pay connection is working accurately. Amazon Pay may require you to notify them when you wish to commence live transactions.
    Run in test mode Use only with the test keys from your Amazon Pay account. No money changes hands in this mode. The checkout payment page will display some simulation options, and a message ‘Amazon Pay is running in Test Mode’ is displayed at the top of each checkout page.
    Pre-authorise transactions This option reserves the funds without actually taking the money. The amount of the transaction will be removed from a customer's available credit limit.
    Once you have shipped the goods, you can take the pre-authorised funds via the ‘Payments’ tab of the Order dialog.
    Charge transactions immediately This option takes payment for the order immediately.
    Merchant ID Enter your Merchant ID as supplied by Amazon. This is not the same as your Amazon account ID.
    MWS Access Key Enter the MWS Access Key supplied to you by Amazon
    Secret Access Key Enter the MWS Secret Key supplied to you by Amazon.
    Client ID Enter your Amazon Client ID. This is not the same as your Amazon account ID.
    Client Secret Enter your Client Secret Key as supplied by Amazon.
    Simulation String Enter if supplied by Amazon, or leave blank.

    You can find your Merchant ID and MWS Access and Secret Keys in Seller Central. On the top right of Seller Central, select ‘Amazon Pay – UK (Production)’ from the drop down and click the INTEGRATION menu, then MWS Access Keys. Checkout out the user guide if your keys have not been automatically generated.

    You can find your Client ID and Client Secret in Seller Central. On the top right of Seller Central, select ‘Login with Amazon’ from the drop down and click Register new Application on the Login with Amazon console, then click Web Settings. Check out the user guide if your keys have not been automatically generate.

    Make sure that you are logged into your Amazon Pay account and not into your Sell On Amazon account. If you need additional assistance, contact Merchant Support using the link shown at the bottom of any Seller Central page.

    Processing Amazon Pay payments

    Orders paid for using ‘Amazon Pay’ will have ‘Amazon Pay’ as the payment method in the ‘Orders’ tab and dialog.

    If you open the order and select the ‘Payments’ tab, you will find some extra buttons enabled, over and above the standard ones. These buttons enable to process payments as described below.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	APOrderButtons.png Views:	16 Size:	4.9 KB ID:	551721

    Capture If you have set your payments to be pre-authorised (see above) you can 'Capture' the payment by clicking this button.
    This means that the money will actually be taken from the customer's account.
    Refund Click this button if you want to refund the whole payment or part of the payment.
    Void If you've very recently processed a payment incorrectly (i.e. that day) you can click this button to cancel it. It then won't show up on the customer's card statement.
    Seller Central Opens the Amazon Seller Central page in your default browser.

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