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Making phone numbers a requirement for PayPal Express

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    Making phone numbers a requirement for PayPal Express

    When using PayPal Express, by default the order does not contain the purchasing customer's phone number.

    However if you have a 'PayPal business' account, then customer phone numbers can be made mandatory via your PayPal account settings.

    To do this: -
    1. Log in to your PayPal account.
    2. Click the 'cog' icon and select 'Account Settings'.
    3. Click Website payments.
    4. Next to 'Website preferences', click 'Update'.
    5. In 'Contact telephone number', choose one of the following options:
    1. On (Optional Field) - adds the phone number field, but it is not mandatory.
    2. On (Required Field) - requires that the purchasing customer enters a phone number.
    3. Off - removes the field completely.
    NOTE: Making a phone number mandatory during sales, can decrease throughput as a certain number of people prefer their contact details to be private.
    Unless essential for your business, it may be prudent to choose 'On (Optional Field)'.