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Changes to Opayo URLs

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    Changes to Opayo URLs

    In line with Elavon’s integration of Opayo, the URLs used by your Sellerdeck software to send
    transactions to Opayo will be changing to an Elavon domain. Therefore, in order to send your
    transactions to the updated URLs you will need to make changes to the software.

    These changes must be made by 31st March 2024 to ensure continuation of the service.

    How to upgrade URLs

    There are two ways that this can be done: -

    1. Updating the database directly using an SQL query
    2. By changing the configuration and forcing a PSP Upgrade on each site

    SQL Query Method

    Microsoft Access Database

    With your Sellerdeck software closed, open the database in Microsoft Access and run the following SQL query: -

    UPDATE OCCProvider
    SET ProviderURL = '',
    DBProviderURL = ''
    WHERE ID=22;
    Close Microsoft Access, open your Sellerdeck software and upload the site.

    MS SQL Database

    Within your Sellerdeck software, go to ‘File | Sites | Configure’ and make a note of the name
    of the database, then close your Sellerdeck software.

    Open ‘Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio’ and select 'New Query' from the toolbar.

    Copy the 'SQL Query' below.

    UPDATE OCCProvider
    SET ProviderURL = '',
    DBProviderURL = ''
    WHERE ID=22;
    Select the database that you made a note of earlier to run the query against, paste the query into the query window, and click 'Execute’.

    Once you have done this, re-open the software and upload the site for the changes to appear online.

    NOTE: When using this method, and you subsequently upgrade to a version of the software, prior to the latest version, you will need to run this SQL query again. Additionally, if the ‘Force PSP Upgrade’ procedure in ‘Help | Troubleshooting’ is run on the software, you will need to run the SQL query again.

    Changing the software’s configuration

    This procedure can be run on any version of Sellerdeck or Actinic ecommerce software.

    Open the ‘OCCUpgrade’ folder in Windows Explorer. The folder can be found under the installation folder of any release but for v18 and v16 the folder would, by default, be: -

    V18: C:\Program Files (x86)\Sellerdeck\Sellerdeck v18\OCCUpgrade
    V16: C:\Program Files (x86)\Sellerdeck\SellerDeck 2016\OCCUpgrade

    Locate the file: -


    and open it in a plain text editor such as ‘Notepad’ (The text editor needs to have been opened as ‘Administrator’ or the file cannot be saved to the same location).

    Scroll down the file and replace: -


    Then replace: -

    with: -

    Then save the file and close it.

    Open your Sellerdeck software and go to ‘Help | Troubleshooting’ and click the button ‘Force PSP Upgrade’.

    Once you have done this, close your Sellerdeck software, then re-start it again for the upgrade to take place.

    NOTE: For every additional site within your software, you will need to go to ‘Help | Troubleshooting’, click the button ‘Force PSP Upgrade’ close and re-start the software, to enable these sites to use the new URLs. As with the SQL method above, if you subsequently upgrade to a version of the software, prior to the latest version, then you will need to follow this procedure again.

    Additionally, note that when this procedure is followed, it will revert the PSP Perl scripts in the site’s ‘CommonOCC’ folder to their default condition, so if a script has been customised you will need to take a copy of the script before upgrading and re-instate it afterwards.
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