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Switching from PayPal Website Payments to PayPal Express

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    Switching from PayPal Website Payments to PayPal Express

    To switch from using 'PayPal Website Payments' to 'PayPal Express Checkout' within the software you must first request API credentials from PayPal to use with the PayPal Express integration.

    To do this follow the procedure below: -
    1. Log in to your PayPal Business account.
    2. Click the ‘My Account’ tab.
    3. Click the ‘Profile’ tab. If you haven't already done so, you need to verify your account before requesting API credentials.
    4. Under ‘My Seller Tools’ select ‘API Access’

    5. Click ‘Request API credentials’ under ‘Account information’.
    6. Click ‘Set up PayPal API credentials and permissions’ under Option 1.
    7. Click ‘Request API Credentials’.
    8. Click ‘Request API signature’.
    9. Click ‘Agree’ and ‘Submit’.
    10. View the 'API Signature'

    11. Copy the credentials from the screen showing the signature

    12. Open your SellerDeck software and go to 'Settings | Business Settings | Payment and Security' and in the 'Payment Methods' grid click the + button in the top left corner and in the list that appears select 'PayPal Express Checkout'.
    13. Click the button 'Configure Method'

    14. In the 'Merchant Login' field enter the PayPal 'API Username'
    15. In the 'Password' field enter the PayPal 'API Password'
    16. in the 'Signature' field enter the PayPal 'Signature'
    17. Click 'OK'.
    18. Select the entry 'PayPal Website Payments' in the 'Payment Methods' grid
    19. Remove the ticks from the boxes in the columns 'Website' and 'Desktop'
    20. Click 'Apply' and close the 'Business Settings' screen.

    Once you have done this, upload the site for the new payment service to be included online.

    You should now see a button similar to this: -

    Within the shopping cart and on the first page of the checkout.
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