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‘Query Timeout Expired’ error when opening site

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  • ‘Query Timeout Expired’ error when opening site

    If you have a large site which takes a long time to open, and often does not open due a ‘Query Timeout Expired’ warning message; you can increase the query timeout value which will then allow the site to open.

    There are two ways to do this.

    Via the site configuration
    1. Open SellerDeck with a different site that you have been trying to open.
    2. Go to ‘File | Sites’ and highlight the site
    3. Click the ‘Configure’ button, which should open the ODBC Details window
    4. Here you can increase the timeout value

    5. Press OK and then launch the site. Repeat this process until the site opens successfully

    Via the Sites.ini file
    1. Open your ‘Sites’ folder
    2. Open the ‘Sites.ini’ configuration file with notepad
    3. Scroll down until you find the details of the site you are trying to open
    4. Edit the ‘Query Timeout’ value

    5. Save and close the file
    6. Launch the site in SellerDeck. Repeat these steps until the site opens successfully.
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