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How do I setup a Piccolink with SellerDeck EPOS?

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    How do I setup a Piccolink with SellerDeck EPOS?

    To set up your Piccolink to work with SellerDeck EPOS, there is very little configuration:
    1. Go to Setup | Options | Piccolinks
    2. In “PiccolinkID”, enter the ID number which can be found under the battery cover of the piccolink for “Piccolink 1”

    Now you can use the piccolink with one of the piccolink screens in EPOS, for example:
    1. Go to “Products”
    2. Click “Picco”
    3. Select the com port the piccolink is plugged into from the drop down list. Click here to check what COM ports you have avalible on your PC.
    4. Now you have to press one of the buttons on the picco link to activate it.

    -You must keep the piccolink screen open during the whole time you are using the Piccolink.
    -If you walk out of range of the piccolink base station, the connection will be broken, and the Piccolink will be cleared.
    -If the Piccolink is not working, check if you have Sage 2010, it maybe that it is using the Port the Piccolink wasn’t to use.

    The Piccolink user guide can be downloaded here: LINK.

    More detail on the Piccolink integration will be made avalible on the knowledge base in the near future.
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