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Installing Maxtec mt150 printer USB version using ole pos version 2.48

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    Installing Maxtec mt150 printer USB version using ole pos version 2.48

    Firstly please download the OPOS driver from Maxtec ole pos setup-2.48 zip

    If not already installed install Epsom OPOS 250e
    1. Open 'Windows Explorer' and browse to the 'C:\checkout\OPOS 250e\Disk1\'
    2. Double-click on the 'Setup.exe' file to run it
    3. When asked to select a registry file, choose “Use Registry file”, then click the 'Browse' button and browse to: “C:\checkout\Opos 250e\Disk1\OposData.reg”. Click 'Open'
    4. When asked to 'Choose a Package to be installed', select 'Program Files'
    5. Select 'CCO' for the 'CO priority registration' option
    6. Select 'Full Install' for the 'Type of installation'
    7. Tick to read the release note
    8. Close release notes
    9. When prompted Do you use Parallel I/F press no

    Launch OPOS 2.50e setup
    1. Click Start
    2. Click OPOS
    3. Click OPOS 2.50e setup
    4. Remove all devices listed
    5. Click + by pos printer
    6. Delete listed device
    7. Click + by cash draw
    8. Delete listed device
    9. Click + by customer display
    10. Delete listed device

    Close OPOS 2.50e

    Now Install Maxtec ole OPOS 2.48
    1. Plug in the Maxtec printer to one of the USB ports
    2. Double click on the file downloaded from Maxtec and click on the file presented to install Maxtec OPOS drivers
    3. Run setuppos program from ole OPOS 2.48 folder
    4. Install printer from here not from Epson OPOS installer
      Install printer as thermal
      Then relevant cash draw appears to get setup
    5. Next set LDN to unit1 for cash draw and printer