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Emails being rejected with 'not authenticated' warning

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    Emails being rejected with 'not authenticated' warning

    In a bid to increase security for their customers many email providers are rejecting emails that are being sent without authentication.

    The most common form of authentication is either an SPF (Sender Policy Framework) record or a DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) record set up within your DNS records at your DNS registrar or provider. Of the two the SPF record is the easiest to set up.

    Within your DNS host records there are various types of record that can be set up, for SPF records they are of the type TXT.

    For emails sent from Sellerdeck servers, they need to be shown in the following way: - TXT v=spf1 mx a ip4:IP ADDRESS a:SERVER NAME -all

    In most instances, the IP address will be shown within your web space account on the server.

    So for example for a domain called '' that was on the server '' then the record, with an mail sending IP address of ',' the SPF record would look like the following: - TXT v=spf1 mx a ip4: -all

    Once this has been added to your DNS records, it can take up to 24 hours to propogate across all domain name servers.

    The value shown looks complicated, but it is simply a short code to say what can and cannot send email on behalf of the domain name, 'mx' means that servers listed in your 'mail exchange' (MX) record can send email for the domain, 'a' means that the IP address of the domain can send email, 'ip4:' means that the IP address that follows this code is allowed to send email on behalf of the domain, 'a:' followed by a server name allows this server to send email on behalf of the domain and '-all' determines how strict the receiving email server should be in dealing with emails. In this case it states that non-compliant emails will be rejected.

    NOTE: It is possible that emails could be sent by another IP address other than the one specified, so if you find that emails are still rejected, contact Sellerdeck support and they will be able to give you the IP address that your server uses to send email.
    Additionally if you find that the receiving mail server requires DKIM, then contact Sellerdeck support to set this up for you on your account.
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