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Getting started with your SellerDeck Hosted WordPress Blog

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    Getting started with your SellerDeck Hosted WordPress Blog

    After having WordPress added to your SellerDeck hosting package, you will be sent details to login to Wordpress and start blogging. Sample login details are below:

    Welcome to SellerDeck Hosted Wordpress

    Your Details:-

    Wordpress Administrator Username :
    Wordpress Administrator Password :

    Your NEW Blog URL : site url/blog (e.g.

    Wordpress Admin URL : /blog/wp-admin

    Your Administration user name and password are above. If you lose your details, you can click on “Lost your password?” and a new password will be generated and e-mailed to you. You’ll need to change this to something more memorable.

    Getting Started

    When you get WordPress installed you won't have any content in your site beyond a set of blog links you probably don’t want, a page and a post.
    So the first thing to do is: Log In!

    Now you're logged in, you'll arrive at the Dashboard – a screen that gives a range of information about your website:

    Navigating Around the Administration Panel

    Navigation of the admin panels in WordPress is pretty straightforward, but it can feel like there are a bewildering range of options to choose from.
    You’ll notice that to the left of the dashboard you have a series of links that you can quickly and easily click on – these then expand out to show you other sub-pages. The quick reference below reveals the range of
    functions, with a brief explanation alongside:

    Creating first Blog list

    To create your first blog list, please see details on the following website:
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