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SellerDeck Payments area issues with Internet Explorer 11

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    SellerDeck Payments area issues with Internet Explorer 11

    Sellerdeck Payments by Opayo and Sellerdeck Payments by NMI will be sunsetting on 31st May 2023. On the 1st of June, these payment gateways will no longer be available to process new transactions. We will maintain the service for an additional month to allow for refunds and downloading of reports.

    Sellerdeck Payments by Opayo and Sellerdeck Payments by NMI are being replaced by SellerdeckPay powered by ClearAccept:

    SellerDeck and IE 11 issues

    If your computer has recently upgraded to Internet Explorer 11 then you may experience issues with the SellerDeck Payments Admin area whereby you cannot search or submit payments.

    SellerDeck Ecommerce software has also had some issues with Internet Explorer 11, these are shown in the following page.

    Internet Explorer 11 is likely to have been installed in a recent Windows update.

    How do I know if I’m on Internet Explorer 11?

    To check, Open Internet Explorer, go to 'Tools' (cog symbol on the top right) and go to 'About Internet Explorer'.

    My SellerDeck Payments Admin or SellerDeck software is affected how can I change this?

    Upgrade to 12.0.3 (To fix problems uploading the software)

    To upgrade to12.0.3 go to and download the new version.

    Please note: If you are not on version 12 of the software already you will need a license key (this is free if you hold a support contract*).

    Un-Install Internet Explorer 11 (SellerDeck Ecommerce and SellerDeck Payments Admin fix) Windows 7 only:
    1. Press ‘Start’
    2. Open ‘control panel’
    3. Go to ‘Programs & features’
    4. On the left hand side click ‘ View installed updates’
    5. Search for Internet Explorer 11
    6. Right click and press un-install
    7. Restart your computer

    Your computer will now have reverted to Internet Explorer 10.

    Internet Explorer compatibility mode (SellerDeck Payments Admin Area fix only)
    1. Open Internet explorer
    2. Go to ‘Tools’
    3. Click on ‘Compatibility View Settings’
    4. On the box that opens Click add and select the SellerDeck URL
    5. Once added click close
    6. You will now be able to search and add payments through SellerDeck Payments

    View Admin area through another browser

    You can view the SellerDeck Payments admin area correctly within an alternative browser, such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox

    * The support contract referred to is the SellerDeck Cover support contract for Ecommerce software only, all other SellerDeck contracts are excluded.
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