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SDP by NMI – Security upgrade (Hash Code v2.0) – V10.0.4 and V11.0.X

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    SDP by NMI – Security upgrade (Hash Code v2.0) – V10.0.4 and V11.0.X

    Sellerdeck Payments by Opayo and Sellerdeck Payments by NMI will be sunsetting on 31st May 2023. On the 1st of June, these payment gateways will no longer be available to process new transactions. We will maintain the service for an additional month to allow for refunds and downloading of reports.

    Sellerdeck Payments by Opayo and Sellerdeck Payments by NMI are being replaced by SellerdeckPay powered by ClearAccept:

    Sellerdeck Payments powered by NMI – Security upgrade (Hash Code v2.0) – V10.0.4 and V11.0.X

    To continue receiving card payments using Sellerdeck Payments powered by NMI after 4th October 2021 you must take action now by applying one of the below options.

    From 4th October 2021 Sellerdeck Payments powered by NMI will enforce the use of Hash Code v2.0. For an explanation of this security change please see our blog article:

    There is a short video below with information and details of your options and how to apply them:

    Option 1 (recommended):
    Upgrade to v16.1.2 or v18.1.2 and either continue using Sellerdeck Payments powered by NMI or upgrade to Sellerdeck Payments powered by Opayo. This provides up to date security for all your transactions and access to all the existing features.
    Licence key upgrades are free to Cover and Sellerdeck 365 subscribers.
    Option 2 (quickest fix):
    Apply a simple update to Sellerdeck Desktop in your current version, the instructions are below.
    These instructions apply to the following releases of Sellerdeck Desktop:

    Version 10: v10.0.4 (for earlier releases of v10 you must upgrade to v10.0.4, available here)

    Version 11: v11.0.0, v11.0.1, v11.0.2, v11.0.3, v11.0.4, v11.0.5, v11.0.6, v11.0.7

    The instructions below guide you through the simple process of copy and paste. We are providing you with new files which you will paste into the appropriate folder on the Sellerdeck site.


    Modified files – if you have modified any of the files that are to be replaced, your modifications will need to be applied to the replacement versions before uploading.
    MOTO – the integration with Sellerdeck Desktop and offline payments (using the ‘New Order’ tab) will not be supported on version below v16.1.2 and v18.1.2. Telephone orders must be processed via the NMI online virtual terminal (known as ‘webMIS’). The Commit, Void and Refund buttons will continue to function for online orders.
    1. Download the zip file from the following link:
    2. Extract the files to a local folder.
    3. For each of your Sellerdeck Desktop websites, do the following:
    a. Find the site folder.
    On a single-user system this is normally in My Documents\Sellerdeck vXX\Sites, where ‘XX’ is the major version number of your Sellerdeck software.
    • If you are unsure of the location, in Sellerdeck Desktop select ‘Sites’ from the Sellerdeck ‘File’ menu, and click ‘Sites Directory’ to display the path to the parent folder:
    Click image for larger version  Name:	Picture1.png Views:	2 Size:	39.7 KB ID:	554616
    b. Open the sites folder in Windows Explorer and double-click the ‘CommonOCC’ folder to open that.
    c. Find the corresponding files in the zip folder you downloaded and rename them to include the word ‘backup’, i.e. find the file ‘PostActPay.fil’ and rename it to ‘PostActPay.backup.fil’.
    d. Copy all the files from the zip folder and paste them into the ‘CommonOCC’ folder you have open.
    e. You’ve now updated Sellerdeck Desktop with the new scripts required to successfully receive card payments.
    4. Test the changes before uploading to your live website and making these changes live
    a. In Sellerdeck Desktop, from the ‘Web’ menu select ‘Switch to Test Mode’, then upload. This will upload a second copy of your site to a test folder in your own web space for testing purpose.
    b. From the ‘Web’ menu select ‘View Online Website’. Place test orders and check to see that the order and the payment has been successful.
    c. Once successful, select ‘Switch to Production Mode’ from the ‘Web’ menu and upload to make the changes live. The test site will be deleted.
    5. If you take telephone orders using the ‘New Order’ tab or the ‘New Order Wizard’ you will need to make changes. For instructions please visit -
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