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Sellerdeck Payments Automated Fraud Screening

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  • Sellerdeck Payments Automated Fraud Screening

    Following the release of v9.0.4, every Sellerdeck Payments account will include automated fraud screening by the Datacash Fraud Protection Services (The 3rd Man) at no extra cost, and full fraud check results will be displayed for each order on the SellerDeck desktop.

    The Datacash Fraud Protection Services (The 3rd Man) is Europe’s leading fraud screening company. They will automatically check card orders against a wide variety of factors and provide a simple red or green traffic light to indicate whether an order is safe or not, together with supporting data.

    To have fraud check data gathered automatically when orders are downloaded, tick the ‘Auto-download Fraud Status’ check box in 'Settings | Business Settings | Payment and Security'.

    How it works

    When you click on the SellerDeck ‘Orders’ tab you will see a new column in the table, headed ‘Fraud Check’. This will display the fraud status and traffic light symbol against each new order. Fraud check data can take an hour or so to come through, so depending on how frequently you download orders the status may initially be ‘Pending’, with a grey light. This indicates that fraud screening results have not yet been received.

    If an order initially has status ‘Pending’, you will need to re-check the status manually before processing the order, as described below. If results are already available when the order is downloaded, it will either have a green light and ‘Released’ status, indicating that the order is good; or a red light and ‘Check’ status, indicating a suspected fraudulent order.

    Order Processing

    To see more detailed fraud check data, or to check the status manually, double click on any order and select the ‘Progress and Payments’ tab.

    To check the status of the order, click the ‘3rd Man Update’ button (1). This will download the latest data from the Datacash Fraud Protection Services (The 3rd Man). Please note it can take an hour or so between the order being placed and the fraud data being available.

    For more information on the Fraud Check for this order, click the 'View Payments' button (2) to bring up the 'Payment History' window.

    In the section 'The Third Man' you will again see the Fraud Check ‘Status', together with several new items.

    The ‘Third Man Feedback’ button is used to send feedback to the Datacash Fraud Protection Services (The 3rd Man). The information you provide will be incorporated into future fraud screening.

    The ‘Score’ and ‘Rules’ fields provide additional information about the results of the fraud check

    If there are two or more payment transactions relating to the same order, the results shown here are an average for the whole order. To view the individual results for each transaction, click the ‘View Payments’ button to open the Payment History dialogue.

    Fraud Check Rules

    The Datacash Fraud Protection Services (The 3rd Man) checks a wide range of factors for indications of fraud, a returns a fraud check score based on the combination of results. The exact formula used is a closely guarded secret for obvious reasons, and we are unable to provide information beyond that received from The Datacash Fraud Protection Services (The 3rd Man); however, the SellerDeck ‘Rules’ field does list the specific items that have contributed to the fraud check result for each individual order.

    Some items always indicate an increased fraud risk and return a positive score. Others always indicate a reduced risk and contribute a negative score. A third group may return either a positive or negative score, depending on the individual outcome. The following list indicates which group each item falls into. This data is provided by The Datacash Fraud Protection Services (The 3rd Man), and SellerDeck is unable to provide any further information.

    PLEASE NOTE - We have removed the full rule listing as a security measure. We are happy to provide a list of rule strings and scores to Sellerdeck Payments customers on request
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