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What are the usual Network Settings for Fasthosts?

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    What are the usual Network Settings for Fasthosts?

    The following details have been used to successfully configure SellerDeck Ecommerce for a Fasthosts server. SellerDeck Software cannot guarantee that these settings still apply as Fatshost may change their configuration without notice.

    These settings are for a non SSL configuration. Replace <domain> with the site domain name e.g.

    Open Web | Network Setup.

    CGI Script ID number: 1
    Extension: .pl

    Mail (SMTP) server: smtp.<domain>
    Web site URL: http://www.<domain>/
    Catalog URL: http://www.<domain>/acatalog/
    CGI-BIN URL: http://www.<domain>/cgi-bin/

    Codebase: ./

    Path from CGI-BIN to Catalog Directory: ./acatalog/

    Path to Perl shell: c: perl\n (No Spaces)
    FTP Details
    Server Host: ftp.<domain>
    Password: As supplied by Fasthosts
    Path to CGI-BIN: htdocs/cgi-bin/
    Path from CGI-BIN to Catalog Directory as Viewed by the FTP Server: ../acatalog/

    After entering the network settings, click Apply and then Test to ensure that the settings are correct.

    Sometimes, FastHosts customers are required to manually set their directory permissions. This has to be done through 'SSH' and requires an application called 'Putty'. This can be downloaded from: HERE