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CGI-BIN issues.

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    CGI-BIN issues.

    When testing my network settings it says that it can’t connect to the CGI-BIN.
    • Make sure that your permissions on the server are correct. These need to be 755 for Linux servers or Read and Execute for Windows servers.
    • If you have recently changed hosting, please leave it at lest 48 hours before testing or downloading orders, your site may not have fully propagated yet.
    • Make sure that the path to the CGI-BIN is correct, if you need help on this you can use the Network Setting Wizard. (Export a copy of your current network settings first).
    • Go to Web | Network Setup | Wizard…
      Tick the Bottom tick box, this will keep your current network settings and will just confirm each of them step by step.
    • Try disabling any firewalls or antivirus software to see if the then works.

    If none of these help contact your hosting company.