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How can I display shipping options as radio buttons?

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    How can I display shipping options as radio buttons?

    This change will replace the shipping class drop-down list in the checkout, with a set of radio buttons.

    You will need to edit '', which you will find within your 'ShipControl' folder. Open the file in Notepad or an equivalent text editor.

    Look for this line

    $sSelectHTML = "<SELECT ID='lstClass' NAME='ShippingClass'>\n";

    Change it to

    # $sSelectHTML = "<SELECT ID='lstClass' NAME='ShippingClass'>\n";

    Next, look for this line

    $sSelectHTML .= "</SELECT>\n";

    and replace it with

    # $sSelectHTML .= "</SELECT>\n";

    Next, look for

    'SELECTED ':

    and replace it with

    'checked="checked" ':

    Finally, look for

    $sSelectHTML .= sprintf("<OPTION %s Value='%s'>%s\n",

    and replace it with

    $sSelectHTML .= sprintf("<input type="radio" name="ShippingClass" %s value="%s">%s<br />\n",

    SellerDeck is not able to provide any detailed support for script changes made. If you find that there is a problem, an original copy of the script can be found within the 'Original' folder in your installation. Copy this into your site folder.
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