The script determines the sequence of the shipping classes.

The script supports 4 sorting sequences, by cost (ascending or descending) and by description (ascending or descending).

The default is to sort by cost ascending.

To change the sequence: -

- locate the file in the ShipControl folder below the site folder.
- Search for 'CUSTOMISE: Sort'.
- Here you will find the four options, the last three are commented out with a '#' at the start of the line'
- Insert a '#' at the start of the line of the currently enabled sort option and remove the '#' from the start of the line of the sort option that you wish to enable.
- Save and Exit.
- Update the site.

Important: in v6 and below, if you enable either the ascending or descending alphabetical sort then you will need to replace '<=>' with 'cmp'.

SellerDeck is not able to provide any detailed support for script changes made. If you find that there is a problem, an original copy of the script can be found within the 'Original' folder in your installation. Copy this into your site folder