It is possible to create additional extended information pages for the products in your store, containing different information from the standard pages.

This exercise will take you through creating a second extended information page.

To begin with, you are going to create the layout and layout selector for the extra information page.

1. Right-click on any of the layout type groups in the 'Layouts' tab and select 'New Layout Type'.

2. Give it a name of 'Extended Info Layout 2' and ensure you select 'Pop-up'.

3. Click 'OK'.

4. Right-click on this new layout type group and select 'New Layout'.

5. Give it a name of 'Extra Information Page' and click 'OK'.

6. Now double-click on this layout to edit it.

7. Click the 'Edit Layout Details' button.

8. Change the value in the 'Extended Info Page Filename Field' from:

<Actinic:Variable Name="ExtendedInfoPageName"/>


<actinic:variable name="ProductID"/>_alt_popup.html

9. Click 'OK'.

This will automatically use a filename for the second information pages of the product reference, followed by '_alt_popup.html'.

Now you need to put some layout code into this layout. The best way to do this is to go into one of the layouts in the existing 'Extended Info Layout' group and copy and paste the content from there into the new 'Extra Information Page' layout. You can amend this as necessary.

You now need to create a layout selector to include the new 'Extra Information Page' into the store design.

1. Right-click on the 'Extended Info Layout 2' group and select 'New Selector'.

2. Give it a name of 'AltInformationPage'.

3. Give it a prompt of 'Layout for Second Information Page'.

4. Under 'Place of Setting', select 'Site', 'Section' and 'Product' and set the 'Tab Name' to 'Extended Information'.

5. Change to the 'Values' tab.

6. Highlight 'Extra Information Page' in the left list and click the '>' button to move it to the right-list.

7. Change back to the 'Basic Definition' tab.

8. Click 'OK'.

Next you need to create a new 'true/false' variable that you can use to turn on the second extended information page.

1. Change to the 'Variables' tab of the library.

2. Right-click on the 'Other' group and select 'New Variable'.

3. Give the variable a 'Name' of 'ShowSecondPopUp'.

4. Give it a 'Description' of 'Change this to 'True' to use the second pop-up page'.

5. Change the 'Prompt' to 'Enable Second Pop-Up Page?'

6. Under 'Place Of Setting' select 'Product'.

7. Change the 'Tab Name' to 'Extended Information'.

8. De-select 'Allow <Use Parent> as an Option'.

9. Change 'Type' to 'True/False'.

10. Change the 'Inital Value' and 'Top Level Value' both to 'False'.

11. Click 'OK' and close the library.

You are now ready to create a link to your extra information page.

1. Close the library and look at the 'Design' tab.

2. Select a product that you want to include this second information link for.

3. Copy and paste the following code somewhere in the product layout:

<actinic:block if="%3cactinic%3avariable%20name%3d%22ShowSecondPopUp%22%20%2f%3e" >

<actinic:variable name="AltInformationPage" />

<br />

<a href="javascript:ShowPopUp('<actinic:variable name="ProductID"/>_alt_popup.html',400,400);">Click here to launch extra information page</a>


The 400 values are for the width and height of the window so feel free to amend these values accordingly.

All you need to do now is set 'Enable Second Pop-Up Page?' to 'True' (in the 'Extended Information' tab of the product) and SellerDeck will insert the link for the second information page.

Currently the page will contain the same content as a standard extended information window so edit the layout of 'Extra Information Page' as you see fit. Also, you can create additional layouts within the 'Extended Info Layout 2' group to create a range of alternative extended information pages for your products.