By default, fragments within a section are laid out by the 'Standard Product List' layout (or the 'Product List With Horizontal Dividers' layout if you are using that one). So therefore all fragments and products are laid out as a single list.

It is possible though to create a list that just does products, and a list that just does fragments, and then include them in different parts of your design.

To begin, you need to find out what kind of product list layout you are using. To do this:

1. Go to 'Settings | Site Options | Layout'

2. Under the 'Product' sub-heading, locate the 'Product List Layout' field.

3. Make a note of the layout that is selected in the field

You can now edit this layout

1. Now go to 'Design | Library | Layouts' and expand the 'Product Lists' group

2. Right-click on the list layout you are using in your store and select 'New Layout'

3. Give the new layout a name of 'Section Fragment List' and click 'OK'

4. Double-click on this layout to edit it

5. Delete everything in this layout down to line '15' (i.e. remove the references to 'ProductLayout' but leave the references to 'FragmentLayout')

6. You now need to highlight all the code in this layout and then click the 'Insert Block' button

7. Enter the following condition:

<actinic:variable name="ProductType" /> == 2

8. Click 'OK' to save the condition, and then click 'Apply' and then 'OK' to save the changes to the list layout

9. Now double-click on the product list layout that your store is using

10. Delete everything AFTER line 15 (i.e. remove the references to 'FragmentLayout' but leave the references to 'ProductLayout')

11. Now highlight all this code and again click the 'Insert Block' button

12. This time, use the following condition:

(<actinic:variable name="ProductType" /> == 0) OR (<actinic:variable name="ProductType" /> == 1)

13. Click 'OK' to save the condition, and then click 'Apply' and then 'OK' to close the layout.

You have now created two different layouts. Your next job is to include those layouts into the design of your section pages.

14. Close the library and switch to the 'Design' tab.

15. Make sure you are looking at a section that contains both fragments and products. You should find that the fragments within the section are not appearing

16. Click anywhere within the main part of the section page (e.g. on a product)

17. Press the 'Navigate to parent layout' button (yellow spiral with up arrow) until you are in a layout called something like 'Standard Section Page' or 'Section Page With Section Name At The Top'

18. Within this layout, locate the pink 'ProductList' selector

This shows you where your products are being inserted into the design. You can move this to a different location within the layout if you want.

To insert your list of fragments into the design:

1. Click the 'Insert Layout' button

2. From the top list select 'ProductList' and select 'Use Fixed Layout'

3. From the bottom list select 'Section Fragment List' and click 'Insert'

This will insert the list of fragments into the design.