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Can I include my Brochure Pages in the Sitemap?

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    Can I include my Brochure Pages in the Sitemap?

    This technique will show you how to include a list of the brochure pages in your store into your site map page.

    The first thing you need to do is create a brochure page link layout that is similar in style to the existing links in the site map.

    1. Go to 'Design | Library | Layouts' and expand the 'Brochure Page Links' group.

    2. Right-click on 'Text Brochure Page Link' and select 'New Layout'.

    3. Give it a name of 'Sitemap Brochure Page Link' and click 'OK'.

    4. Double-click on this layout and replace everything in it with the following code:

    <a href="<actinic:variable name="BrochurePageURL" />">- <actinic:variable name="BrochureName" /></a>

    5. Click 'OK'.

    Next you need to create a brochure page list layout to be inserted in the site map page.

    6. In the library, open the 'Brochure Page Link Lists' group.

    7. Right-click on 'Brochure Page Text Link List' and select 'New Layout'.

    8. Give it a name of 'Sitemap Brochure Page List' and click 'OK'.

    9. Double-click on this new list layout to edit it.

    10. Right-click on the layout selector that is there already and select 'Edit Appearance'.

    11. Change the 'Use Fixed Layout' field to read 'Sitemap Brochure Page Link' and click 'OK'.

    12. Click the 'Edit List Layout Settings' button.

    13. Change to the 'Edit Rows and Columns' tab and replace each instance of ' ' in the grid with '<br />'.

    14. Click 'OK' and then click 'OK' again to close the layout.

    15. Exit the Library.

    You can now include this new list in the 'Sitemap Page Bulk Area' layout.

    16. In the 'Design' tab, use the 'Select Page Type' list to change the page to 'Site Map'.

    17. Click on one of the site map links in the preview.

    18. Click the 'Navigate to Parent Layout' button until you are in the'Sitemap Page Bulk Area' layout.

    19. Put your cursor in line 2 and click the 'Insert Layout' button

    20. Insert the 'BrochurePageList' layout selector with a fixed layout of 'Sitemap Brochure Page List'.

    21. Click 'Apply'.

    Your brochure pages will now be listed in the sitemap.