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I want my attributes to display side by side

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    I want my attributes to display side by side

    To lay out attributes side by side, rather than one underneath the other, go to the 'Layout' tab of the product that the attributes are within, and set the 'Column Count For Attributes' to something other than 'Use Parent'.

    If you want to display different attributes in different parts of your product layout, rather than all in the same place, then do the following:

    1. Go to 'Design | Library | Layouts' and locate the 'Attribute Lists' Group.

    2. Right-click on 'Standard Attribute List' and select 'New Layout'.

    3. Call this new layout 'First Attribute'.

    What you are going to do now is set a condition in the new list layout so that 'First Attribute' only displays the first attribute in the list.

    4. Double-click on the 'First Attribute' layout.

    5. Right-click on the 'AttributeLayout' layout selector and select 'Edit Appearance'.

    6. Under 'Condition', select '<Edit Expression>'.

    7. The expression you need to enter is: ListIndex == 1

    Feel free to copy and paste the following code to create the expression:

    <actinic:variable name="ListIndex" /> == 1

    8. Now right-click on 'First Attribute' and select 'New Layout'. Call this new layout 'Second Attribute'.

    9. Now edit the code of the 'Second Attribute' list layout and edit the condition on 'AttributeLayout' so it reads 'ListIndex == 2'.

    10. Finally, create a 'Third Attribute' list layout and put a c
    ondition on 'AttributeLayout' of 'ListIndex == 3'.

    You are now ready to use these new list layouts.

    11. Exit the library and go into the 'Design' tab.

    12. Locate 'AttributeList' within the layout code of a product.

    13. Delete this.

    14. In its place, click the 'Insert Layout' button.

    15. Select 'AttributeList' in the top list and select 'Use Fixed Layout'. Select 'First Attribute' in the bottom list.

    16. You can now insert 'Second Attribute' and 'Third Attribute' in the same way.