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Changes in version 8 (8.5.2 - 8.5.3)

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    Changes in version 8 (8.5.2 - 8.5.3)

    Changes in v8.5.3
    v8.5.3 fixes a few user-reported bugs, and adds support for Actinic Payments as a payment method
    • Actinic Payments has been added as a payment method. AC8-5773
    • HackerSafe potential security issue closed. AC8-5612
    • Importing data from Actinic Link for Sage no longer affects the product layouts of existing products.
    • A crash is no longer experienced when creating a variable, making it settable at the section level, then deleting it and then uploading. AC8-5806
    • Customer emails are no longer truncated if there are brackets in the short descriptions of the products. AC8-5728
    • A snapshot import no longer runs the risk of resetting all the duplicates back to their original settings. AC8-5770
    • Large digital download files no longer cause out of memory errors. AC8-5753
    • If you have a blank password for the Actinic login on the desktop, this no longer causes errors with the encryption and decryption of credit card numbers AC8-5502
    • Actinic can now support a much larger number of sites on the desktop AC8-5777

    Changes in v8.5.2 HMVA
    Release date 13 December 2007

    1. The 'error occurred while merging' error message should be a lot less frequent when uploading sites AC8-5413
    2. Searchable properties are now only checked when the store is uploaded, which speeds up Actinic starting up. AC8-5442
    3. There have been some performance improvements that will be most noticeable in stores that have a lot of custom settings. Products/sections/etc. that have a value of 'Use Parent' for a custom setting will no longer be stored explicitly in the database. AC8-5284
    4. The 'Maximum Quantity' value of an associated product is now honoured, when that product is ordered as part of a component. AC8-1905
    5. Dragging and dropping sections no longer results in loss of data or crashes. AC8-5431You can now drag and drop components and attributes around the content tree without them getting lost. This would happen if the product you were copying to already had a component/attribute with the same name as the thing you were moving. AC8-3865
    6. When using the Dreamweaver extension, you now have to select an option on the Actinic menu before Actinic will start. AC8-3655
    7. The product quantity box no longer appears online if the customer is in a group where the product is not enabled. AC8-3786
    8. The Dreamweaver extension now works correctly with Adobe Dreamweaver CS3. AC8-4902
    9. The 'if you would like to ship this item to a different address' checkbox can now be removed from the checkout. AC8-3995
    10. 'Mallformed XML cart template (missing AlsoBoughtLine)' message no longer appears in the Actinic error log. AC8-4159
    11. It is possible to select custom fields to export to Google Base now. AC8-4570
    12. You can now control what happens to the stock level of products when orders end up in the 'PSP Pending' tab. AC8-5403
    13. Any custom fields that are limited by content category now work correctly with duplicates (i.e. when you change the category of the main product, the change is made correctly to the duplicate) AC8-4586
    14. Further safeguards against cross-site scripting have been added AC8-5002
    15. An 'Out of Memory' no longer appears on Windows Vista when leaving the Fragment | General tab. AC8-4703
    16. The 'number of products in list' field for best sellers and new products now works correctly for Vista. AC8-4729
    17. Images that were outside of the site folder now always appear correctly when importing a snapshot onto a new machine. AC8-4763
    18. Exporting hierarchical files now works fine when you have a large number of user-definable properties. AC8-4844
    19. An intermittent crash that was sometimes experienced when importing and upgrading a snapshot has been addressed. AC8-2335
    20. You can now log in with a username and password using a command line even when not running in multi-user mode. AC8-3418
    21. Actinic no longer crashes if you go straight to the 'Prices' tab of a product after doing an import. AC8-3898
    22. Actinic no longer crashes if you try and upload with a customer account that doesn't have an invoice address specified for the main contact. AC8-3948
    23. When you delete and undelete a product that has components, any duplicates of that product will show the components correctly after the undeletion. AC8-4026
    24. The 'image' fields in 'Settings | Site Options' no longer give an error message if they are left blank. AC8-4032
    25. Answers to 'Other Info' questions for products no longer risk being truncated in any emails generated by Actinic AC8-4098
    26. Some layout improvements have been made to the Shared SSL bounce page to avoid redundant code and include test messages. AC8-4101
    27. Duplicates no longer get confused if you point the master product at an image that has the same filename but is in a different folder. AC8-4112
    28. You can now import a snapshot into a site right after renaming the site. AC8-4122
    29. The stock levels of products are no longer affected by ordering if that product is not stock monitored. AC8-4189
    30. Extended info pages are no longer incorrectly removed from the site during an upload (this was caused by corrupted data being generated during an import). AC8-4298
    31. The 'File/URL' link now works online when you link to a file that is outside of the site directory. AC8-4405
    32. 'The Blues' colour scheme is now available in sites after upgrading to v8. AC8-4410
    33. Meta keywords are now always present and correct on the store front page AC8-4433
    34. It is now possible to include custom PHP functions for sites into the standard Actinic php file. AC8-4436
    35. Images with *.jpeg extensions now always preview correctly. AC8-4438
    36. Extended information pop-up links now use html that can be indexed by search engines. AC8-4457
    37. Session locking now always happens correctly when using Nochex and PayPal. AC8-4762
    38. The coupon code is now securely stored on the server when using discounts. AC8-4776
    39. There are no longer any 'insecure items' when using PayPal Pro express checkout and Split SSL. AC8-4788
    40. Product image names are now transferred with other product details when you do a transfer to Actinic EPOS. AC8-4828
    41. Simple shipping now works correctly when adding a new order offline. AC8-4873
    42. Components no longer have extra line breaks added during an upgrade. AC8-4949 You will no longer be able to upgrade from 8.0.3, 8.0.4 etc. to 8.5.2 with a patch. You will be asked to use a full version. AC8-4972
    43. EPOS Link configuration settings are now stored at site level rather than installation level. AC8-5082
    44. Embedded HTML marks in product names are now stripped out when product names are shown in the shopping cart AC8-5084
    45. Ctrl+F now brings up 'Find Orders' correctly AC8-5116
    46. HSBC PSP settings are now retained correctly when upgrading between Actinic versions. AC8-5164
    47. Home, Site Map and Search links now work correctly on the 'Contact Us' page when the customer is logged in. AC8-5181
    48. A reference to the theme designer has been added to the bottom of the 'Contemporary' theme. AC8-5193
    49. Section *.cat files are now generated correctly if the store has an orphaned product that was originally in a section that has now been deleted. AC8-5199
    50. When you import a partial site design into a site that is using encryption, you no longer receive an incorrect error about encrypting orders. AC8-5229
    51. Tabs containing custom settings will no longer change position AC8-5268
    52. Copy/pasting/duplicating products and sections no longer causes multiple instances of custom settings to appear in the tabs. AC8-5287
    53. MySQL and MS SQL can now be used for external linking with Multi-User. AC8-5333
    54. When importing orders from a db that has credit card encryption enabled on it, the message asking you for the encryption password is more informative. AC8-5338
    55. A cookie error is no longer received when you try and order an out of stock permutation AC8-5412
    56. Text to indicate price inclusive and exclusive of tax is now displayed correctly for registered customers AC8-3649
    57. Shipped Components associated with hidden products now move out of allocated in EPOS via EPOS Link AC8-5235
    58. Design layouts 24x7 and Smart are no longer lost after upgrading to v8 AC8-5282
    59. Starting EC from command-line now uses the correct encryption password for encrypting/decrypting CC details AC8-5320
    60. When switching to a second site a password is no longer prompted for if the first site required a password and the second site does not, AC8-5328
    61. Credit Card Encryption and Decryption failures are now reported AC8-5335
    62. UDPs are no longer duplicated when brochure fragments are dragged and dropped AC8-5389
    63. DD Link sent from the desktop using ‘Resend URL email’ is corrected AC8-5448

    Supplementary notes for 8.5.2

    Restricting ordering of Associated Products
    The Minimum Quantity and Maximum Quantity fields of an associated product are not generally checked when ordering an associated product via a component. However a number of customers have requested this feature so it has been added to 8.5.2 and can be enabled by way of a variable ‘EnableAssociatedQuantity’ which can be set on the 'Stock' tab of 'Settings | Site Options'.

    PHP Site specific library
    Designers may now add there own site wide PHP functions to be used in SellerDeck. If required, the file needs to be named ‘siteincludes.php’ and stored in the Site folder. This file, if present, will be included in the site snapshot.

    If PHP encounters errors while parsing either actinic_main.php or siteincludes.php then the error will be written to PHPErrors.log in the sites folder.

    Upgrades using the Patch.exe file

    SellerDeck will no longer supply a Patch.exe for major upgrades. The 8.5.2 Patch.exe can only be used to upgrade 8.5.0 and 8.5.1 to 8.5.2. The reason for this is that the patch does not include the help files and major upgrades such as 8.5.0 require important changes to the help, adding the help to the Patch.exe would make the file almost as large as the main installer.

    Change to the way ‘Use Parent’ is implemented for UDPs
    In 8.5.1 and earlier the User Defined Properties that were set to ‘Use Parent’ required a record in the UserDefinedProperties table. This had a substantial overhead when processing the table for large sites with many UDPs. The UDP management has been changed to not require the ‘Use Parent’ records and these records are removed in 8.5.2 during the DB Upgrade.

    This change will have consequences for users that downgrade to 8.5.1 or 8.5.0 and choose to continue using the DB from 8.5.2. For the UDPs to work correctly after downgrading it will be necessary to force SellerDeck to regenerate the ‘Use Parent’ UDPs. This can be achieved in the Design Library, Variables tab by selecting each variable that has ‘Allow <Use Parent> as an option’, change the place of setting by ticking an unchecked box, click OK, edit the variable again and untick the place of setting that was just set.
    Upgrading to 8.5.2 again having downgraded to 8.5.1 or 8.5.0 will require the manual removal of the ‘Use Parent’ record form the UserDefinedProperties table. This can be achieved in Access by running the following SQL:-

    DELETE FROM [UserDefinedProperties] WHERE nUseParentSetting = 1;

    Stock Control for PSP Pending orders
    The behaviour of Stock Adjustments for PSP Pending Orders is now optional. Business Settings | Settings | Options | Stock Monitoring has a new checkbox 'Allocate Stock for PSP Pending Orders'. The default is ‘Off’ for new sites and ‘On’ for upgraded sites to preserve the way the stock control worked in 8.5.0 and 8.5.1.
    When this option is ‘On’ the stock will be decremented when the PSP Pending order is received. When this option is ‘Off’ the stock will only be decremented when the PSP Pending order is paid.
    CAUTION: Changing this setting while there are PSP Pending orders will cause the stock to become out of sync and the stock of the PSP Pending orders should be adjusted manually.

    SellerDeck fatal error analysis
    In the event of SellerDeck encountering a fatal error a message similar to the following may appear:-
    Actinic encountered a fatal error. Details of this error have been saved to 'c:\Actinic\Repository\8.5.2\Source\Catalog\Build\release\Catalog_8_5_2_0_0_0_HIOA_0709070931.dmp'. Please send this file to Actinic for investigation.

    The file should be forwarded to SellerDeck Support along with details of the product version and the events leading up to the error.