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Changes in version 8 (8.0.4 - 8.5.1)

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    Changes in version 8 (8.0.4 - 8.5.1)

    Changes in v8.5.1 HIZA
    Release date 6 September 2007

    1. Various desktop credit card encryption issues have been fixed
    2. Starting SellerDeck from the command line now uses the correct encryption password
    3. The password dialogue for importing orders has been made more informative
    4. Encryption failures during order import are now properly handled
    5. When switching sites, the correct password is now used
    6. Login batch commands now work in all V8 products, not just Business Multi-User
    7. CSV files can now be imported when using Windows Vista

    Change in v8.5.1 HFUA
    Release date 31 May 2007

    1. The single add to cart button no longer fails when there are duplicates of the same product on the same page

    Changes in Actinic v8.5.1 HERA
    Release date 9 May 2007

    1. PayPal Pro has now been added as a payment service provider for all versions of SellerDeck EC
    2. You can now choose where to place your site folders when installing SellerDeck. You are no longer restricted to having everything within the 'Program Files\Actinic v8' folder
    3. The 'Lookup in Actinic Stylesheet' feature now correctly searches for entire class names rather than partial matches
    4. User-definable variable values can now be imported successfully into SellerDeck via a hierarchical import
    5. When moving your mouse over a grid in SellerDeck, Windows Vista users will no longer receive a "An invalid argument was encountered" message
    6. SellerDeck now always generates a fresh copy of Act_section_tree.js (and the other array files) when it does an upload. This file contains the live site URLs
    7. When you register a page design using Dreamweaver now, you only get the outer layout selectors to apply your design to. This means you cannot apply a page design to a page type that doesn't have its own selector
    8. The cart/checkout/search etc. pages now have a page title that shows the company name
    9. When you use 'Import a Page Design' to pull a SellerDeck outer layout into Dreamweaver, you no longer get content from the <head> section appearing within the main body of the page
    10. You can now apply a css class to your full descriptions etc. using the point and click text formatting bar, but when you set the css class back to none, the !!< and >!! marks are removed
    11. The warning page that appears when you try and add to cart in preview mode now works correctly in multi-user mode
    12. The 'Single Add To Cart Button' shopping mode now works when there are duplicates of the same product on the page
    13. The right-click menu always appears now in the Design tab
    14. the Shared SSL page now uses the background colour (background images are not supported)
    15. Meta tags now work correctly within brochure pages in the Technical theme
    16. SellerDeck no longer crashes when switching between Designer and Client sites
    17. Sections are now transferred correctly from QuickBooks (US) via Actinic Link
    18. When you hide a variable with a content category, and then re-enable it again, the field now appears where it should straight away
    19. The context-sensitive help for the Thumbnail fields is now correct

    Changes in Actinic v8.5.0

    1. The shipping area of the software has been significantly enhanced with support for volumetric shipping rate calculation, shipping charges based on the category of the product, 'free-over' limits for specific classes, shipping supplements for individual products, the ability to be able to make a product count for more than one item of 'quantity', and the ability to exclude products from shipping calculation.
    2. Actinic v8 is now fully compatible with the requirements of Windows Vista.
    3. A link has been added between SellerDeck Business/Designer and Actinic EPOS for the transfer of products, prices and stock levels.
    4. It is now possible to edit any layout in Dreamweaver via the new 'Edit Layout in Dreamweaver' command.
    5. You can now right-click on any CSS class in a layout and select 'Lookup in Actinic Stylesheet' to check out that CSS class properties.
    6. The 'Undo' button now works properly after clicking 'Apply'.
    7. The 'Operations | Stock Levels' grid now behaves consistently and correctly all the time when editing stock values.
    8. Files used in the registration of external outer layouts using Dreamweaver are now all collected by a snapshot.
    9. When you export a snapshot from one site, where the site uses an external registered outer layout, and then import it into a different site on the same machine, you no longer receive errors about SellerDeck trying to upload images from the first site.
    10. The *.pl and *.pm files are now upgraded correctly when upgrading between versions.
    11. The logout link no longer goes to a non-SSL page if the site is using SSL for every page
    12. The 'click here to start shipping link' on sites where SSL is only used for login/checkout now correctly goes to a non-SSL page.
    13. When you enter HTML for the 'Short Description', this HTML no longer appears in the 'alt' text of the product image.
    14. You can now change the cart button layout in the default product layouts using Site Options
    15. When you register an external overall layout using Dreamweaver, you now receive a warning that it is advisable to have the external design stored within the 'site folder' (usually 'Site1'
    16. The purchase order number field now appears if you are only using PSPs for taking payment online.
    17. The product price no longer displays 'fatal error'.
    18. When registering an external layout using Dreamweaver, files referenced in custom *.css files now appear correctly in the preview.
    19. The 'error' message that appears during upload when files contain links to files that cannot be found on the desktop has been changed to a more friendly and informative message.
    20. When you import a snapshot that was created on a different PC using a design registered via Dreamweaver, the images and CSS now appear as soon as you register it.
    21. SellerDeck no longer crashes when you enter a ',' in the product reference field.
    22. The 'Next' button is no longer active in a design snapshot import, unless SellerDeck is waiting for a response from the user.
    23. The *.cat file for a section is still generated correctly when that section has been excluded from the sitemap.
    24. Layout selectors are now imported first time when you import a partial site design snapshot
    25. The 'Simple' list of 'Insert Actinic Content' in Dreamweaver now includes 'NewProductListSidebar', 'BestSellerListSidebar', 'HeaderFooter' and 'BrochureNavBar'.
    26. The 'Customer Message' field for the 'Price' tab of the component is now included in the HTML correctly.
    27. Extended information pages are now always created correctly from a flat-file import.
    28. There are no longer filename conflicts from non-existent files when uploading and taking a snapshot.
    29. The search page is no longer displayed after a pop-up page is closed by an online customer.
    30. A crash no longer takes place if NewProductsItem and BestSellerItem are added accidentally in an incorrect place.
    31. Images in the 'Mini' best seller and new products layouts are now clickable.
    32. The 'OnLoad' parameter is now added to thetag of a design registered as an external design using Dreamweaver.
    33. '&s' in image names no longer cause images to not appear during a preview.
    34. The code inserted into the 'head' section of a page when it is registered using Dreamweaver now correctly shows the beginning and end of 'block' segments when the design is viewed in SellerDeck.
    35. The 'Filename' of an external design when it is registered with SellerDeck using Dreamweaver is now stored better in the database, so the SellerDeck site can be moved easier from site to site.
    36. Context-type: text/html is no longer added into the headers of Perl-generated pages by IIS 6.
    37. The 'Update Order Shipping' command now works correctly if the calculation basis is either quantity or value.
    38. You no longer receive errors about countries being in a tax zone but not a shipping zone if you have removed the relevant zones from both shipping and tax.
    39. Changes to the EU member states in 2007 have been reflected in the default database.
    40. Digital download links now appear correctly in the receipt emails of customers who pay via PayPal and Nochex.
    41. The meta description and keyword code added by the Dreamweaver integration now works correctly on brochure pages and the store home page.
    42. Content categories can now be imported using the category names rather than the IDs.
    43. Stock is no longer re-allocated to a product when you delete an order.
    44. Variables added via the Dreamweaver integration now always appear correctly in the 'Design' view.
    45. The 'Import a Page Design from Actinic' feature in the Dreamweaver extension now imports designs correctly.

    Changes in Actinic v 8.0.4

    1. SellerDeck now includes a hierarchical file converter, to convert flat files to hierarchical import files for the importing of user definable variables.
    2. Users can now pick whether the main product, or one of its duplicates, is used in the 'best sellers/new products lists.
    3. Visible duplicates of products now appear within the Best Sellers list automatically. 0
    4. Digital download links now appear correctly in emails sent from SellerDeck when the customer has paid via PayPal.
    5. The [LINK] expression now always works correctly when used within the main text of a fragment.
    6. The product references are now included into the drop down lists for the marketing lists (when the user has elected to see product references).
    7. The also bought and related items lists no longer include hidden products, and also don't include the product you are creating the list for.
    8. Point and click text formatting done in the 'Design' tab is now visible within the 'Design' tab - you don't have to change to the 'Content' tab to see the changes.
    9. The 'Page Title' field is now available in a flat file import.
    10. The search now works correctly with fragments within sections.
    11. Product prices no longer generate 'parse errors'
    12. You can now set a component price correctly within SellerDeck.
    13. Hidden products are no longer included in the marketing lists.
    14. You no longer get half-finished duplicate order numbers appearing in Multi User when an offline order is abandoned half-way through.
    15. SellerDeck now allows upgraded sites to consistently change colour scheme without triggering a crash.
    16. When you first start the software, and then do a 'Find' in the 'Design' tab and hit enter, SellerDeck no longer crashes.
    17. You can now select the 'Generate Now' button in the 'Marketing' dialogues by pressing the 'Tab' key.
    18. When you delete a product, while you are working on its design code, it no longer causes SellerDeck to freeze.
    19. When you are half-way through creating a product, and then go to the Marketing menu without saving the product, SellerDeck no longer loses the product in the content tree.
    20. Exporting a site snapshot no longer causes a crash when a product has an invalid value supplied for a user-definable variable (when the value shouldn't be visible to the product due to a content category restriction)
    21. Line breaks within the full description are now correctly handled by Actinic Link for Sage.
    22. Some changes have been made to SellerDeck to ensure compatibility with Windows Vista.
    23. There is no longer a crash when customers switch to the Design tab.
    24. The list of excluded categories for variables is now correctly maintained when a variable's category list is changed.
    25. Unused User Defined Properties are now removed from the database.
    26. Upgrading to and from Multi-User versions of SellerDeck take into account the location of the sites folder.
    27. When using SSL for Login and Checkout pages the cart ID is passed from the non-secure to the secure server.