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Changes in version 8 (8.0.1 - 8.0.3)

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    Changes in version 8 (8.0.1 - 8.0.3)

    Changes in Actinic v 8.0.3

    1. The declaration now always appears right at the top of the page design - even when looking at the built-in preview. This means that IE handles code much more reliably.
    2. Order level discounts no longer just say 'Adjustment' when appearing in the shopping cart.
    3. An option to import orders from other copies of SellerDeck has been added.
    4. You can now create a set of duplicates all in one go from a group of selected products.
    5. Products within hidden sections no longer appear in the list of products in the best sellers / new products grid.
    6. Thumbnail images are now uploaded automatically.
    7. Meta keywords are no longer ignored by the online search.
    8. The format of the froogle feed export is now up to date.
    9. NETQUOTEVAR:PRODUCTANCHOR is now upgraded correctly, so the search results still link to products following an upgrade.
    10. There is now an option when upgrading to just use a default set of v8 layouts, rather than try and upgrade your current layouts.
    11. Extensions other than *.html are now supported for sections.
    12. The 'Fragment Layout' field is no longer missing from sections.
    13. All JavaScriptArray layouts now correctly generate *.js files containing section data in an array.
    14. A flat file import using 'Replace' no longer removes the 'Layout' and 'Properties' tabs from 'Online Catalogue' tree node.
    15. Section links on the brochure home page now take you to a login page if your store is restricted to registered customers only.
    16. You no longer get errors when four users complete orders at the same time in multi-user mode.
    17. The list of available payment methods is no longer cached between sites, so there is no chance for payment methods in one site to appear in another. You no longer receive coding errors after arrying out a snapshot export.
    18. The parent section lists no longer link the online store when in preview mode.
    19. The 'Purge and Refresh' option now gives an option to exclude the images/digital download files.
    20. From 8.0.3 onwards it is now possible to upgrade and then downgrade your SellerDeck version without crashes.
    21. It is no longer possible to save a blank value for user-definable variables where a blank value is not allowed.
    22. The image in the installer for the US version now looks correct.
    23. Background image/colour settings are now honoured by the online scripts when creating dynamic bounce pages etc.
    24. Search by Price Range now has a '+' after the last option in the list.
    25. The description for the ' %s' prompt in 'Design | Text' is now correct.
    26. When upgrading between version 8 releases, if a layout has been edited by both the merchant and SellerDeck, the SellerDeck version will be correctly added to the library with a new name.
    27. Any files referenced in 'file content' variables are now exported automatically with a snapshot
    28. Product images are now always taken with a snapshot, even when the layout code doesn't include the image.
    29. Online searching for choices is no longer broken by the use of !!< >!! tags within the choice fields.
    30. Best sellers/new products lists now work correctly when the store is using external linking, and there are less than 50 products in the store.
    31. Crashes no longer take place when navigating the preview using the four navigation buttons:
    32. Content categories no longer disappear randomly after checking in the library which layouts have been edited.
    33. Layout navigation now works correctly following a full page preview.
    34. If a section fragment is using an image that is stored outside of the Site1 folder, the image is now correctly taken into a snapshot, and the file path is updated correctly.
    35. When creating a 'Password' email for a customer account, after creating new accounts, there is no longer a possibility that the wrong account details appear in the email.
    36. Discounts are now shown correctly when a product is shown on the first page of the store.
    37. The Preview Pane is no longer blank when the product is not installed to the default drive.
    38. The Design Tab is no longer empty after importing a snapshot .
    39. The error 'The system cannot find the file specified' no longer occurs when exporting a snapshot after moving a visible section below a hidden section.

    Changes in Actinic v 8.0.2

    1. The script is now upgraded when upgrading from earlier versions of SellerDeck.
    2. The Java Script files are now upgraded when upgrading from earlier versions of SellerDeck.
    3. The script used for the 'Contact Us' email can no longer be used for sending SPAM 7
    4. Fragments no longer get 'lost' when moving their parent section

    Changes in Actinic v 8.0.1

    1. Modified layouts are now highlighted in the 'Layouts' tab of the library.
    2. You can now compare the differences between customised layouts and the original factory versions.
    3. Related Items and Also Bought lists are now inherited by duplicate products.
    4. The [LINK] method of including an advanced link in the description of a product or fragment now works correctly.
    5. De-selecting 'Enabled' for the retail customer group now correctly hides the add to cart button for retail customers.
    6. When you choose to do a site upgrade now in SellerDeck, you will not have to confirm an action on each individual layout to be upgraded. You can just set an action once, and use that for all layouts that require attention.
    7. Actinic v8 now supports Shared SSL providers other than SellerDeck.