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Can't Print Invoices

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  • Can't Print Invoices

    I recently had to remove and re-install my printer. All was working well before I did this, but now it's not! I can:

    1/ print emails, excel spreadsheets and items from the web, so I know it's not a general printer or computer problem.
    2/ print reports in Sellerdeck, for example Stock Level Reports, or Catalog reports so it would seem not to be a general Sellerdeck communication problem
    3/ BUT if I try to print Sellerdeck Invoices, they show as 'spooling' and then 'printing' but nothing prints out. There is no error message.

    Can anyone shed any light on this please. When you're a VAT registered business, not being able to provide invoices for your customers is a bit of a disaster. Incidentally I can hit the "preview" button in Sellerdeck and see the invoices just fine, so it's not a problem there either. I'm not tech-savvy, so a simple explanation and fix would be wonderful


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    Try the suggestions here:

    First Tackle - Fly Fishing and Game Angling



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      Fixed - thanks

      Hi Mike, aha - lateral thinking got me there - plus winging it! The folder is NOT stored where the thread suggested said it was, however it was in the same sort of area. I found it at:


      As per the additional instructions on earlier thread I found the folder there called 'Printer Settings'. Right-clicked on this folder and selected 'Delete'. Close 'regedit' Restarted Actinic

      I can only think that files are stored differently now than in 2005 when the post you referenced was raised. But it got me there. Brilliant. Invoices now print. Hurrah. Many thanks.


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        It might be that sellerdeck is remember the old the first thing to try is printing to another printer. If you only have one printer then it's worthwhile downloading 'CutePDF Writer' which lets you print any document to it and creates a pdf file (very handy for emailing invoices.)


        Great I see you've now fixed it.

        Yes, the settings location will have changed since that thread was created.

        CutePDF writer is still a great program to have if you don't have it already.



        First Tackle - Fly Fishing and Game Angling