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    The carousel, I think, can be placed on any page.... but it might take some work to get it working on a Catalog page.

    Create a new Fragment and change the Layout to Promo List Carousel then click on the Marketing tab and tick Enabled

    You don't have the Carousel on any other page do you?
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      Hi Goz. I have carousels on both homepage and in the catalog, have had ever since I upgraded to V14.03. I have disabled them all but to no avail. I have also checked the database to see if there is a stray orphaned entry of "something" but it's like looking for a needle in a haystack. I'll contact support and see what they can do. I think it might have resulted from me using shortcuts to find a product, accidentally hitting the wrong keys and creating a rouge component. I deleted it but it must have done something, I remember it was all quite odd at the time - hence my search for a stray etry in the database.
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