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Trying to impliment Paypal payments

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  • Trying to impliment Paypal payments

    Hi All,

    We have a client that has a Sellerdeck 2016 and is trying to implement Paypal as a payment option.

    We have following the guide here regarding setting up the basic Paypal and entering the Identity Token etc

    But, when we place a test order we get a

    "A General Script Error Occurred
    Error: An error received from the PayPal serverPress the Browser back button and try again or contact the site owner"

    error, and in the error.err log we get

    "Program = ORDERSCR, Program version = 43472 , HTTP Server = LiteSpeed , Return code = 999 , Date and Time = 2019/01/22 12:14, Internal Errors = An error received from the PayPal server"

    Any ideas as to how we can resolve this?

    many thanks


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    I would separate out the Paypal setup from the PDT setup just to help identify the problem. i.e, get paypal payments working then activate PDT

    Paypal setup is here:

    This says you need to upgrade Sellerdeck PHP in V14: (Ignore this. I see you're using V16)

    Have you got SSL installed? IIRC you now need to have SSL active to use Paypal.

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      Cheers Mike

      I had it set up without having the Identity Token - and the payment was taken - but noting showing in the Merchants paypal account - and the order was dropping into Pending Payment....
      Once I set the Identity token we and tries a new order - the 2 previous orders moved themselves to the Pending tab in Orders - but got the script error for the new order....

      Going to try set up the express checkout with the API credentials and see what happens.....


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        Right. so it sounds like you can get to the paypal payment screen and pay but the return back to the customers website isn't working.

        Have you done a publish to website after entering the PDT details? That might have an effect.

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          Hi Mike,

          Yes I did a Publish to website then checked.

          Have just completed another Publish to website with the Paypal Express checkout enabled.

          Goign to test a payment now.


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            Hmmm - Now I get a red "Sorry, but we are unable to accept your order. Please contact us if you require further details."


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              I shall go back to the simple paypal checkout. This time without the Identity token - as you suggest Mike.

              And shall let you know the results.

              Why is Paypal so hard with Sellerdeck?


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                Hokay - back to the basic Paypal set up - with no token.


                Test in incognito window - and everything works as expected - order comes into Sellerdeck along with Payment Auth etc.

                Dunno what changed - but happy for now


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                  Glad to hear it's working. As you say, it should be easy to set up really.

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