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Sudden network connection issues

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    Sudden network connection issues

    Hi, We changed to a VPS a few months ago and had our site migrated over. After a few teething problems we managed to get Sellerdeck communicating again and all seemed hunky dory. We have since had some work done on the design of the site and our developer immediately informed us that the network settings that came through with the snapshot did not seem to be working and to take note of mine for when we received the snapshot in return. I exported the settings which were working and imported them again after we loaded the new snapshot. Sellerdeck again could not communicate successfully with the server. We reset the passwords and messed about a bit, and it eventually started working.

    The connection has actually been a bit flaky since, however, and it stopped working entirely again on Friday evening. One thing I notice is that the web site was migrated in to a folder called httpdocs, so that is now the root directory as far as Sellerdeck is concerned and it contains the acatalog folder and the cgi folder. However, this hasn't been a problem up until now, more of an observation just in case there is any relevance.

    I have been trying to run the network setup wizard and can get 95% through. The issue I am having now is that the wizard cannot find the file it needs to test the email settings, but the path it is giving me for the test file location is incomplete (please see the attached) so I don't really know where it is looking. The file does exist in my site folder although the entire site folder is in the wrong Sellerdeck version folder ( instead of if that matters.

    I would appreciate any advice,

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    File "" should be in your Site folder (the place ActinicCatalog.mdb lives). It should be around 11Kb in size.

    Check if it is there and report back.
    Norman -
    Edinburgh, U K / Bitez, Turkey


      Hi Norman,

      This is really odd. My site folder containing ActinicCatalog.mdb is located at C:\Users\Steve\Documents\SellerDeck 2016\Sites\EHS_NEW_ECOM and it contains the file albeit at 10.2kb. Sellerdeck clearly knows that location as it opens the database just fine, so I don't know why its looking at a different location for the I could move the whole directory lock stock, but I still don't know exactly where it's expecting to find the file as the path in the error appears incomplete.

      I suppose I would be asking too much for me to be able to tell the network wizard where to look for it?


        I can run the wizard and take note of all of the settings that work, but a major sticking point is the root directory location as the network settings don't appear to have anywhere to put this information, or they are using a different description.


          It sounds like it's a network settings issue so it would probably help if you export your network settings and post them up here (but remember to overwrite any passwords).

          Also which host are you using?

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            BTW, Network Setup Wizard is broken since v16

            My last support ticket with SD Support advised me this:

            see [1]

            There is a workaround for this. When the wizard gets to the SMTP test dialog box, blank the SMTP server field and the email address field then remove the ticks from both tick boxes and click next, the wizard will then complete. You can then enter the missing SMTP details and email address details into the software before upload.
            I've never tried it as the problem was : after switch hosts, the network test was failing but the sites are working 100%...