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Mail Server issues

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  • Mail Server issues

    Just running

    Web > Configure Web Site Details....

    confirming each setting.

    When it gets to the Mail Server screen, I enter all the details correctly, click Next and I get the error message :

    Unable to locate the test file C:\Program Files (x86)\SellerDeck\SellerDeck v18\.\Original\

    This is on version 18.0.0 SEGA
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    Probably YASB (Yet Another SellerDeck Bug). In 18.0.0 SEGA that file is now in

    C:\ProgramData\SellerDeck\Sellerdeck v18\Versioned\\Original
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      Yes, the wizard seems to be looking in the old location. I've raised a ticket, SD-7364.
      Bruce Townsend
      Ecommerce Product Manager
      Sellerdeck Ecommerce Solutions


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        Actually the same problem occurs in v16.0.3, so it's not a new issue. But you are the first to report it.
        Bruce Townsend
        Ecommerce Product Manager
        Sellerdeck Ecommerce Solutions


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          Is this just a problem with the Wizard or does it stop you sending emails? I am getting this with 16.0.3 but my main problem is that my website won't send emails (I started a thread about this in the Sellerdeck 16 forums).


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            Changing hosts... Decided to run that Wizard... got this problem.

            On v18.02 SHUA

            Network testing fails, but uploaded site, and site seems to run fine...


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              Just got this...

              Solution: Bug (ref. SD-7364)

              This query has been caused by a bug, there is currently no workaround.
              I have added your query as a field report to the bug.
              Although the query is closed, the bug will be reviewed for fixing in a future release.
              Still not fixed...