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  • Sellerdeck V18.0.1

    I received this in an email on Monday and am surprised not to have seen anything posted by Sellerdeck yet so thought I'd pop it on here.

    Some of the bug fixes do apply to problems that have been posted on the forum.


    We're excited to release Sellerdeck Desktop v18.0.1 which is available to download today.

    If you've not yet upgraded to Sellerdeck Desktop v18, you can run v18.0.1 and test the latest software for 30 days. After that, you'll need a v18 license key from our Sales team which is available if you have a Sellerdeck Cover or Sellerdeck Desktop 365 Plus contract.

    If you don't have an active contract, please contact the Sales team.

    Release notes

    Why upgrade to Sellerdeck Desktop v18.0.1?
    •Bug fixes: a number of bugs have been squashed including upgrades themes from earlier versions
    •Support Snapshots: our new Support Snapshot feature, released in v18, now anonymises all customer and personal data AND redacts your FTP password for greater security
    •Right to be forgotten: Allows an order to be disassociated from the customers account, enabling account deletion



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    Same... seems very quiet from Sellerdeck recently...

    Is your SMTP port fix in this update? I can only see this in the release notes

    Fixed a problem that broke the 'Contact Us' email for some SMTP servers, SD-7363


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      Is your SMTP port fix in this update? I can only see this in the release notes
      I don't think so. As far as I'm aware Sellerdeck were denying it's a bug and showing no interest in fixing it (but I haven't checked it yet). Disappointing really, so if you need to change the smtp port number for email then you'll have to redo the fix after upgrading.

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        Your fix worked for us, not sure why they can deny...

        Note: DataEntry.rpt is still broken in v1801



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          Some observations on updating from v18.00 to v18.01:

          #1 : For multi user & multi site : When you first run Sellerdeck, it gives the normal select site window, you select a site (eg. "SiteB"), you can't log in except using default login details, and when you do get in it will do the usual update procedure, following that, it's not SiteB... it's demo site. Everything on the interfaces makes it look like you're on SiteB (title bar says SiteB, change site window shows you're on SiteB)

          This was worrying. I thought SiteB was overwritten with demo data!
          I switch to another site (eg. SiteC) and then go back to SiteB and it's there. Phew.

          #2 : We updated from v16.04 using snapshots, when we exported we had a message saying some orders have card details and not be exported... When creating v18.00 snapshot, we had the same message... we don't process cards anymore... so v16.04 snaptshot saved card details when it says it won't?

          #3 : Monday am - first working day following the update... I am getting reports of committing some Paypal payments give a "timeout", when checking Paypal directly, the payment did commit. Not sure if this is v18.01 issue... We'll know if it continues.