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Adding Text to Printed Invoices

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  • Adding Text to Printed Invoices

    Can I get invoices to print out with extra text in the white space towards the bottom?

    I would like to add information on new products or other marketing messages. These would be the same on all invoices - ie not specifically related to the products a customer has bought.

    Assuming this can be done, can the position be controlled - ideally centred vertically and horizontally in the white space?

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      Thanks very much Mike for your prompt reply.

      I've successfully inserted text in Remittance Advice as suggested in the thread you linked to. Can I format this to centre it?


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        I use Crystal Reports v8.5 to modify the reports...

        I assume you are using the default report installed, I've quickly modded that report it so it's centred horizontally.
        - you can give it a go and see if it works for you

        The file is in your sites folder called : Invoices.rpt
        - make a copy of your existing one as a backup, revert to it if any problems

        This file will be overwritten when you install an update from Sellerdeck, eg. next one would be v18.03, and for major updates (eg. v19)
        Sometimes it does change during the small updates (hasn't for v18.00 - v18.02)
        It definately changes on major updated (to v16 to v18), old reports needs to be relinked to the new database, and sometimes some variables may change...
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          I have just done this, thanks for the advice. However the comments are coming between the Payment Type and VAT summary, when I would prefer it to be at the bottom of both of these? Is there a way to change this?

          Thanks Click image for larger version

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            Thank zgap - that is very kind of you.

            I have a similar problem to Pumps using the Remittance Advice field for the message. We are not VAT registered but I have a line saying 'This is not a tax invoice in place' of the VAT summary. I have pushed it down the page by adding a couple of returns and a full stop at the end of the message in remittance advice but ideally I would like to remove this line altogether. It does not come from the Tax charges field which is blank.


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              pumps : I managed to move that field down... attached file

              mdownling : I can see that field, and I can remove permanently, it but better look at this first :
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                To remove the wording "This is not a tax invoice" you could try going into Design > Text and then searching for that wording. It appears in 2 places. Remove it from "Prompt for inclusive tax invoices" and produce an invoice. If it doesn't remove it from the invoice you can always put it back.

                This is not tested (as I'm VAT registered)
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                  Originally posted by zgap111 View Post
                  pumps : I managed to move that field down... attached file

                  mdownling : I can see that field, and I can remove permanently, it but better look at this first :
                  Hi Zgap,

                  Thanks for that, however I can't seem to open the RPt file. Do I need a specific program to open it?



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                    Yes, you need Crystal Reports v8.5 to open the *.rpt files in Sellerdeck