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Paypal "No token passed" error message.

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  • Paypal "No token passed" error message.

    I am having an issue with all of our sites connecting to Paypal. We are hosted with ipage and had to update our sites SSL recently, everything was running fine for a while but then all of our sites gradually stopped connecting through to paypal and displaying the error message "No token passed". We have tried all number of things but sellerdeck and ipage support teams keep bouncing us back and forth. ipage want to charge us 47.99 p/m per site to upgrade to their VPS platform which we think is extortionate.

    I am hoping that someone on her would be able to shed some light and maybe explain why this is happening. We are willing to hire a developer to help us in sorting this out and all advise is welcome.


    Far East Direct UK Ltd

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    Found this:

    I assume Sellerdeck support has already advised on that solution?


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      Hi there,

      No Sellerdeck didn't refer me to this thread but I have read it previously. I ran a website analysis test and it shows that we do have Crypt::SSLeay and Net::SSL installed correctly.

      The only perl modules left uninstalled are;

      However sellerdeck support have told me that this is fine and not to worry about it.


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        I remembered there were more than 2 files...

        Found a ticket in my emails, attached image shows Sellerdeck Supports message to me, might be some info that might help.
        has this link:

        Another thought... Paypal was going to implment tighter security and needed sites to be TLS v1.2 compliant... They kept putting the date back, but I don't know when it is supposed to happen...

        Attached a file written by Mike Hughes (on this forum), ftp this in the root directory, and run it on your browser (like : www.yoursite.xx/test12.php) and see if the results shows "OK"
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