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Navigation bar and Mega Menu text colour scheme

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  • Navigation bar and Mega Menu text colour scheme

    Hi all, I am after some suggestions re tweaking the CSS for a site re-design. My test site is here

    1) Requirement
    I wanted to reverse out the mega menu text links (to go white against a coloured background) to get them to stand out more but the links in there and every where else are defined by colour in the colour theme tab in Themes/Advanced theme Config. However doing this changes all the other links too. How can I do this?

    i believe the site wide links are defined in the CSS here:-

    2) The Design Styles for Smart Responsive Design - Line 25
    h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6 {font-weight:normal; color:<actinic:variable name="Palette2" />;}
    a h1:hover, a h2:hover, a h3:hover, a h4:hover, a h5:hover, a h6:hover {color:<actinic:variable name="HLinkColor" />;}
    a {color:<actinic:variable name="LinkColor" />;}
    a:hover {color:<actinic:variable name="HLinkColor" />;}
    a:visited {color:<actinic:variable name="VLinkColor" />;}
    a:active {color:<actinic:variable name="ALinkColor" />;}
    a img {border:none;}

    3) If I set the colour in the layout for the navigation bar
    <actinic:block if="%3cactinic%3avariable%20name%3d%22ShowSectionInMegaMenu%22%20%2f%3e" >

    Mega Menu Layout line 23
    echo '<li><a style="color:#ffffff" id="main-link<actinic:variable name="ListIndex" selectable="false" />" href="<actinic:variable encoding="perl" name="SectionHref" />"';
    if (count($kids) > 0) {
    echo ' onclick="mmClick(event, <actinic:variable name="ListIndex" selectable="false" />);" onmouseover="mmOpen(<actinic:variable name="ListIndex" selectable="false" />);" onmouseout="mmCloseTime();"'; }
    $sSectionName = strip_tags("<actinic:variable encoding="actinic" name="SectionName" selectable="false" />");
    echo '>'.$sSectionName.'</a>';

    and for more items

    Mega Menu Layout line 74
    if (count($remainingSections) > 0) {
    $MoreLinksIndex = <actinic:variable encoding="perl" name="MaxNumMegaMenuItems" selectable="false" /> + 1;
    echo '<li> <a style="color:#ffffff" id="main-link'.$MoreLinksIndex.'"';
    echo 'href="#" onclick="return false;" style="cursor: default;" onmouseover="mmOpen('.$MoreLinksIndex.');" onmouseout="mmCloseTime();"';
    $sSectionName = '<actinic:variable encoding="perl" name="MoreLinkText" selectable="false" />';

    Then it makes both desktop and responsive reversed out so that does not work.

    I am also looking to change the colour of the unvisited background to the text in the mini-nav or smart phone pull down menu.

    Any thoughts or suggestions from our community wizzards?


    Phil Howell
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