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Site names in SD with the same starting letters - can this cause a problem?

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  • Site names in SD with the same starting letters - can this cause a problem?

    I have a site in SD which is called Avidlite2. There was a major problem with the database, a new site name was created, and a previous snapshot was imported. This was done more than once, so there is Avidlite2, Avidlite3, Avidlite4 and Avidlite5. Avidlite5 is the currently used site for Avidlite. However, things are going really slow, like the download of orders (spinning disk for several minutes to download one small order), spinning disk when wanting to snapshot (earlier post on here), etc, much slower than previously, and much slower than my other sites. I had not wanted to delete Avidlite2,3,4, just in case the databases need to be referred to at any point (I lost some order histories between the snapshot and importing it). Some years ago an IT expert told me that the system searches on your computer for words starting the same, until it finds the right one. I am wondering if the existence of directories/files starting with the same letters is causing the slowdown. Should I delete those sites and hope that doesn't cause a problem, or can you think of any other reason why it is much slower than before?

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    Hi Sarah,

    I think that's unlikely to be the problem as when there's a full path defined to the directory/files the system only has to do a minimal bit of matching..

    Rather than delete the other directories you can always just rename them if you think the name might be the problem, or copy them over to a backup location first.

    One thing that can slow Sellerdeck down is if you have too many orders in the database. If you have the orders in a previous database backup then you clearly don't need to keep them from the year dot in your current version.

    There's a thread here about problems when the database gets too large. How large is your database?


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      Hello Mike. Thank you for responding. I regularly delete orders in SD that are more than 2 years old, and have been doing so for years. The order rate has gradually been going down, so the overall file size has been going down slightly. For example, in January 2019 the access database was 754,404 kb, and it is now 699,176 kb, and in January everything worked quickly as opposed to now. I shall keep a copy of the Avidlite2 database as that contains the missing orders, just in case, but otherwise I shall try deleting Avidlite2, 3 and 4 in SD as they will not be needed anyway - shouldn't do any harm. Sarah.


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        One of the reasons I suspected a clash of folder/file names starting with Avidlite, is that when I exported orders into Sage using SD Link, I could use Avidlite2 in SD Link to export the Avidlite5 orders and it worked, but it doesn't work using any other site name that does not start with Avidlite, such as Lowcarbmegastore. Odd. I have now set up Avidlite5 in SD link so that I am ready for deleting Avidlite2.