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Discounts problem - VAT on value discount

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  • Discounts problem - VAT on value discount

    I'm trying to set up a discount coupon to offer a discount of a fixed amount rather than a percentage when the appropriate coupon code is entered. The discount I want to offer is a fixed 30 providing the sale is at least 100.

    There are 3 options (other than the no coupon option) relating to VAT - these are (1) cart val ex tax, (2) cart value inc actual tax, and (3) cart value inc default tax.

    The 30 discount I want to offer is a total discount, i.e. inc VAT, i.e.25+VAT.

    If I set the discount value as 30, all 3 options grant 36 discount, i.e. 30+VAT. This is not what I want. If I enter a discount of 30 I want the the discount to be 30 and not 36. I assume that the option selected is ignored as the discount is a fixed amount, but do I have to calculate it as an ex-VAT figure or should Actinic take care of that for me? If I state to my customers their discount is 30, and we set it at 25 (ex-VAT) there will be some who will moan they are only getting 25 discount.

    I don't mind entering it as 25 ex-VAT but can it be shown on the invoice as a VAT-inclusive deduction at the very end of the calculation?

    Fighting with sellerdeck on

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    Did this ever get resolved? I have the same problem but with a mix of VAT'able and non-VAT'able products I can't use the 25.00 option and cope with the moans.