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Swift v2 Sort and Filter functions

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    Swift v2 Sort and Filter functions

    Hi everyone

    I have implemented the latest Swift v2 upgrade and changes. One thing I would like some more info on is the Sort function.

    1. There does not appear to be a sort function in Desktop mode (unless a filter is applied?) See our test website and a sample section page

    The filtering is there and works fine, but there is no option to sort the product list unless a customer uses filtering?

    2. This leads me on to my second query - when in mobile view, the new Filter and Sort buttons that appear - the Sort button does nothing unless a filter is clicked first? Then the sort function becomes active, even if all the filters have been cleared.

    Am I missing a trick here regarding all of this? It feels like a bug, as I would have expected there to be a sort function as standard and also one that works without the need for a filter to be ticked first. It's more than plausible that I have not got the right tickboxes and options set correctly in Sellerdeck too of course.

    Any help greatly received.


    Sorry, link above is wrong. Try


      Hi Adam

      1. The sort function is only available when a filter is in operation - either when a filter is actually applied, or immediately if filtering is the default view for the section.

      That's not particular to Swift, it's a limitation of the search and filtering function in Sellerdeck generally.

      2. It's a bug that the sort option is visible in mobile when a filter is not in operation. Thanks for mentioning that, I will raise a ticket for it.

      In principle I see no reason why changing the sort order shouldn't work, just by switching to filtering as the view. I will add that to the wish list.

      I hope this clarifies.
      Bruce Townsend
      Ecommerce Product Manager
      Sellerdeck Ecommerce Solutions


        Hi Bruce, many thanks for the reply, that clarifies things for me. I shall play around with the filtering as a default view for the sections.

        If there is a workaround in the short term to remove/hide the sort button in mobile view for pages that do not have filtering set as the default view, I would be keen to implement it.

        It looks odd as it is at the moment (ie the sort button is redundant) on section pages that only contain sub-sections but allow filtering of the products in those sub-sections.

        Many thanks, Adam