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Enhanced Checkout Design Snapshot Add-on

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    Enhanced Checkout Design Snapshot Add-on

    Upgrade your SellerDeck site with a new enhanced checkout design snapshot.

    After receiving countless requests from US SD store-owners to reformat their stores' checkout screens, we analyzed a number of online retail site's checkout screens. Working within the SellerDeck platform and not making any PERL script changes, we've made a simple design plug-in that can be used by anyone.

    Versions available: SD2014 and SD2016. Buy and/or see a demo at
    • For you: enhanced checkout is a simple design snapshot import that's easy to use.
    • For your customers: a simple intuitive checkout experience that's sure to drive more completed checkouts and reduce cart abandonment.

    We hijacked the login screen and added a Guest and New User checkout button as a splash page when clicking checkout from the nav bar. Logged in users bypass splash page and go directly to checkout page 1. Guests and new users see a modified checkout page 1 with the password (required) fields hidden. Ticking "Create account" reveals the password fields. Unticking hides them again.

    Test sites have seen an increase in completed checkouts and reduced abandoned carts.
    Cheers, Todd Edwardson
    sigpic & SellerDeck US Sales & Service
    800-503-5717 | 609-773-0800