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WorldPay Decomissioning Legacy URLS

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  • WorldPay Decomissioning Legacy URLS

    Hi everyone,
    Apologies if ths isn't relevant but I thought I would share just in case it was. A client of mine received an email from WorldPay stating the following: Using the right URL to connect to Worldpay

    To simplify your service and remove references to old Worldpay brands, we're planning to turn off our legacy URLs for the Worldwide Payment Gateway (Business Gateway and Corporate Gateway).

    We'll turn off the first set of URLs on 25 September 2018, and turn off a second set on 2 October 2018. We'll turn off the less-used URLs first.

    You won't be able to use Worldpay's services if you're using our legacy URLs after we decommission them. What you need to do

    You'll need to update the part of your application that communicates with Worldpay. This will vary depending on your setup.

    If you use our Business Gateway, then in most cases this will be a line in your webpage HTML:

    <form action= method=POST>

    It may also be hard-coded by your third-party provider, such as your shopping cart, so we'll contact our partners to make them aware.

    Sellerdeck, is this anything we need to look at for anyone using WordlPay as their PSP?

    Lee Jackson
    Creative Director

    Centurius Design & Marketing
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    Hi Lee. This only affects versions older than 10.0.4 and 11.0.1. We strongly recommend that anyone on such an old version should upgrade, because they are missing many security fixes and other updates. But we have provided information for updating older versions, for anyone who really needs it. See
    Bruce Townsend
    Ecommerce Product Manager
    Sellerdeck Ecommerce Solutions