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    Amazon Pay

    Received an email with this:

    Sellerdeck has negotiated a time limited introductory offer specific to Sellerdeck Desktop customers. Amazon Pay will waive transaction fees between 8th November 2019 to 31st December 2019, when a new account is created and processed at least one transaction via Sellerdeck Desktop with Amazon Pay before 7th November 2019.
    What are the fees after the offer? Is it this:

    The fees in the link look very similar to Paypal's

    Looking at this page
    it seems to be a requirement that traders operate as a limited company.


      I'm a bit puzzled over how Amazon Pay is likely to drive increased sales. Because of Ebay, where you are obliged to offer Paypal as a payment method and the vast majority of customers pay that way, a lot of people have Paypal balances and it almost seems like free money when it is spent. Between a quarter and a third of my buyers use Paypal.

      But how many people have an Amazon account with a balance sitting in it?


        I can't see how it increases our sales either...

        I personally have both Amazon and Paypal account with nil balance on both... If I see both options, I have to choose either one to pay.

        I'm trying to find the Paypal Fees... I remember it used to be like a table similar to the Amazon... but cannot find it... I keep getting this:

        PayPal fees are 2.90% + 0.30 per transaction
        Has Paypal changed to just 1 rate?

        Anyway... I wanted to crunch some numbers, eg:

        20k of Sales : Find the difference in processing fees
        #1 : 20k paid via Paypal
        #2 : 20k paid via Amazon
        #3 : 10k paid via Paypal + 10k paid via Amazon

        I assume fragmenting the payments would = more in fees

        I would not remove Paypal though... ebay was popular first, so I assume most will have Paypal accounts