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'Saving your order', but no link to Paypal

Last week I was contacted by a customer who found that she was unable to pay by Paypal for her purchases.
My website seems no longer to link to Paypal, but just goes to a message ‘saving your order’ and there was a message ‘gateway time out’. Paypal in my only means of payment and I do not have an SSL certificate.
The website operates on Actinic v 10.04 and since this problem I have downloaded the latest version and refreshed the website, on the advice of the person who runs my domain but still have the problem. He seems to think that the website software is now too old and this is the root cause of the problem.

I have also contacted Paypal and this is their response:
I've reviewed your website and can confirm that this issue is happening to myself also however this is not an error out the PayPal side of things. The reason I know this is because your website is not moving over to PayPal so there is a setup option incorrectly saved on the back office of your website.
Personally I would speak to your web developer or website host again as we can't troubleshoot third party shopping carts.

As you are aware there is no longer any free support from Sellerdeck, so I am kind of stuck now and not sure what has gone wrong or if the problem is fixable.

On a search of the forum, I found some references to this problem, which seem to mostly have happened after an upgrade. This was not the case here.

This seems to be the answer referred to:

Can anyone help or advise whether this is what I should try please?
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