If you see one of the following problems: -
  1. Receive the error message 'Error detected by database DLL' when trying to print the 'Packing List' report although other reports print correctly.
  2. You cannot create a support snapshot but are able to create a normal snapshot.
  3. You cannot compact the databases using 'Housekeeping | Compact Databases' within the software.
Then please follow the instructions below: -
  • Close all of your Sellerdeck software
  • Please go to the search bar in Windows 10 and type 'Apps & Features'
  • Search for 'Access Runtime', 'Microsoft Access Runtime xxxx', where 'xxxx' is the version
  • Select the application and click the 'Modify' button, the Microsoft Access installation box should appear
  • Tick the option 'Repair' and click 'Continue
Once it has completed, re-start the software and try to print the packing list.

If this still fails, or you do not have 'Microsoft Access Runtime xxxx' appear within your search results on the 'Apps & Feature' panel, then follow the instructions 1 to 3 in the knowledgebase article here.