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Widget: PayPal Commerce Platform

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    Widget: PayPal Commerce Platform

    This widget may be used to verify the installation of PayPal Commerce Platform on your site, and to correct any issues found with it. It provides more flexiblity and intelligence than the general layout upgrader for the specific task of implementing PayPal Commerce Platform on more highly customised sites and sites based on older Sellerdeck themes.

    Widget Use And Installation

    1. Verifying Your PayPal Commerce Platform Installation

    Select the 'Widgets' tab in Sellerdeck Desktop and select the 'Cart & Checkout' subtab. Then scroll down to 'PayPal Commerce Platform'

    1. If the green 'Installed' button is visible then your site layouts have already been upgraded to support PayPal Commerce Platform.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Installed.png
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ID:	554202

    2. If the grey 'Not Installed' button is visible then your site layouts have not been upgraded to support PayPal Commerce Platform.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	NotInstalled.png
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ID:	554210

    3. If the red 'Error in installation' button is visible then your site layouts have been partially upgraded.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	ErrorInst.png
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ID:	554206

    2. Implementing and Correcting PayPal Commerce Platform Integrations

    If either the grey 'Not Installed' button or the red 'Error in installation' button is visible, then click it and follow the instructions under 'Finding and Installing a Widget'.

    3. Checking Code Changes

    The widget attempts to apply any layout changes needed for PayPal Commerce Platform that were not applied to your site already.

    If it fails to apply all of the necessary changes, then the red 'Error in installation' button will appear against its entry in the Widgets tab.

    In this case you will need to apply the missing code changes by hand via the Library (Design | Library). Refer to the Sellerdeck Desktop main help if necessary for more information about editing layouts.

    1. Click the red 'Error in installation' button and scroll down to the 'Changes' section.
    2. Any failures will be indicated by a yellow icon in the 'Status' column. Find the first one and click the 'Help' button to the right of it.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	LayoutChanges.png
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Size:	296.5 KB
ID:	554204

    3. Follow the instructions in the popup. You can copy and paste the code to be inserted or appended, or copy and paste the whole instruction into a Windows-friendly editor such as Notepad++.
    4. Repeat for every line that shows a yellow icon.
    5. Should you see a red icon, this indicates that the Widget did not find the text it was expecting to find within the layout. This means that you will need to manually add the code in a similar way to the instructions for a yellow icon.
    6. Test the functionality. When you are confident that all instructions have been applied correctly, click 'Mark As Completed' against each one.

    NOTE: If the 'Download' button does not appear when you click the 'Error in Installation' button, this means that there is a setting within the software, that must be changed to continue. A message will appear giving instructions on what must be done at the top of the page.

    Disabling and Removing the Widget

    Even if you decide not to use PayPal Commerce Platform, the changes applied by the widget can be left in place and willsimply remain dormant. However if you do wish to undo them and restore your site to its original condition, you can do so byfollowing the instructions below:

    1.Find the entry for the widget in the ‘Widgets’ tab, and click the ‘Installed’ button.
    2.Click ‘Download Backup’ and save the backup file.
    3.Import the backup file using the same method as installing a widget. This will undo the changes applied by the Widget.

    Contact Sellerdeck Support if you require further assistance.
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