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Sellerdeck Widgets Extension

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    Sellerdeck Widgets Extension

    The content below is from the Widgets extension help (which appears at 'Help | Extensions | Widgets' when the extension is installed).

    About Sellerdeck Desktop Widgets

    A widget is a set of elements that together add a new function to Sellerdeck Desktop, or improve on an existing functions or design.

    Installing a widget will make changes to existing layouts, variables or files (including scripts), and/or add new ones. Changes to existing elements are reversible using the 'Backup' function in the Widgets Extension. This disables the widget and restores the original functionality or design. New elements added by the widget will remain in the Library and/or site folder. With the widget disabled these elements will remain dormant, and can be removed manually if required. A full list is provided in the Widget Detail panel for each widget (see below).

    Finding and Installing a Widget

    Widgets are listed in the ‘Widgets’ tab in Sellerdeck Desktop. You can browse through the sub-tabs to find the Widget you want; or you can search for it by name - just type all or part of the name into the search bar and click the search icon.

    If a search does not find what you are looking for, click the ‘Home’ button at the top left of the ‘Widgets’ tab to return to the Widget Store home.

    Downloading Your Widget

    When you find the entry for the Widget you are looking for, it will show you whether or not the Widget is already installed for the current site.

    To get a Widget:
    1. Click the ‘Download’ button
    2. Read the message and click 'Download' again
    3. When the 'File Download' dialog appears, click ‘Save’
    4. Choose a location to save the widget and click ‘Save’ again
    5. When 'Download Complete' appears, click 'Close'

    Note: the widget you download is tailored to the site you currently have open. You should not use the same version for another site. Generate a fresh version of the widget for each site you own.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	Widget-Save.png Views:	0 Size:	14.0 KB ID:	553007

    Installing Your Widget

    To install the widget, take the following steps:
    1. From the Sellerdeck ‘File’ menu select ‘Snapshot > Import Design’
    2. Click ‘Next’ and ‘Next’ again
    3. Browse to the file you just saved and select it
    4. Click ‘Next’ until you get to the final step in the wizard, then click ‘Finish’

    That’s it! The widget has been installed.

    IMPORTANT: you must download and import widgets one at a time. Do not tbe tempted to download several widgets and then import them all together. In this case, changes made by one widget may be ignored and overwritten by a subsequent import.

    Viewing the Changes Made by a Widget

    As well as providing information on, and access to, each widget, the 'Widget Detail' panel provides a list of the elements that were changed or added.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	Widget-Details.png Views:	0 Size:	25.1 KB ID:	553008

    If a widget installation or backup partially fails, or if a piece of widget code is subsequently deleted by mistake, the widget entry in the Widgets tab will show an error state. In this case, the Changes list will show which element is missing or incomplete. The specific code changes associated with each widget are listed in the individual widget help.

    If you choose to disable a widget and you wish to remove it completely, the Changes list will show you which elements need to be deleted by hand.

    Disabling a Widget

    Disabling a widget is the reverse of installation. You must download and import a Backup, which will reverse any changes that the widget made to pre-existing elements of the site. Any other changes that you have made to the site in the meantime will be preserved. The extension will generate a backup based on your layouts in their present state, but with the widget code stripped out.

    To disable a widget, proceed as follows.
    1. Find the entry for the widget in the ‘Widgets’ tab, and click the ‘Installed’ button

    Click image for larger version  Name:	Widget-remove.png Views:	0 Size:	47.1 KB ID:	553009

    2. Click ‘Download Backup’ and save the backup file:
    3. Import the backup file using the same method as installing a widget

    To remove a widget entirely, any new elements added by the widget must be deleted by hand. See the Changes list in the Widget Detail panel.

    Widget Licensing

    You are granted a licence to use any widget installed by the Widgets Extension for as long as you have a valid licence for the extension. Widgets must not be used if the licence for the extension is not valid.

    You will see a warning in the software when your extension licence is about to expire. If you do not intend to renew your licence, you must disable all your installed widgets before it expires. If you do not do so, some widgets will cease to function after a period of one month, without restoring the original site functionality.

    NOTE: If your site has been created for you by a third party designer, and he has used widgets within the design, then you will need to also purchase a licence. It is a breach of contract if a licence is not purchased.

    Widgets by Name

    Follow the links to find the help for each individual widget:

    Address Auto Complete For Orders
    CSS Compression
    MOTO Form Width
    PayPal Commerce Platform
    Popup Add To Cart
    Sort Order Override
    Tax Exclusive Marketing Price

    Follow the links to find the help for each individual widget:

    Cart & Checkout

    Address Auto Complete For Orders
    PayPal Comme
    rce Platform
    Popup Add To Cart

    Search & Filtering

    Sort Order Override

    Tax & Shipping

    Tax Exclusive Marketing Price


    CSS Compression
    MOTO Form Width
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