Merchants using non-Sellerdeck hosting

Firstly you need to confirm you have the following module version or higher installed:-

Net::SMTP 3.1
If you are hosted with Sellerdeck hosting the above is not necessary.

Sellerdeck versions v18.0.3, v18.0.2, v18.0.1 and v18.0.0
  • Go to your site folder (it will be called 'Site1' if there is no other site within the software) and locate the file '' and open it using a plain text editor such as 'Notepad'.
  • Find the following line:-
my $nPort = 25;
  • Change this line to read the required port for your email provider
  • Next find the line: (You can use the 'find' function of notepad for this)
my $smtp = Net::SMTP->new($smtp_host, Debug => $debug, Timeout => $nTimeout, Domain => PF_INET);
  • Change this to read
my $smtp = Net::SMTP->new($smtp_host, Port=>$nPort, Debug => $debug, Timeout => $nTimeout, Domain => PF_INET);
  • Save the file and update

Sellerdeck Network Settings Configuration - All Versions

In the Sellerdeck desktop software, go to:- 'Web | Network setup'

NOTE: This option is only enabled when all users are logged out.
  • Go to 'Email Settings' and enter your 'SMTP Server', 'Username', and 'Password'.
  • Make sure that 'Secure SMTP required' is enabled. (Only valid for v18.0.4 and above)
  • If using v18.0.4 and above update the 'SMTP Port' number to the required port.
  • Next look for 'Path to Perl' and change this to:-
/usr/bin/perl -I /home/perl5/lib/perl5
This will then use Net::SMTP 3.1. (please note this step is only required for Sellerdeck hosting)
  • Click 'OK'.
Once you have done this, upload the site for the changes to take place online.