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    Analytics source is or etc

    When using 'Universal Google Analytics' and SSL, the source of all transactions is being recorded as either “ / referral” or “ / referral” instead of the correct source (Google CPC, Organic, etc.).

    This is because secure URLs do not normally send information to non-secure URLs, meaning that normally the tracking information for the payment provider would be removed, however when the site is secure it will be included and will be the last page information would be collected from.

    This will become more of a problem now that Google are insisting that shopping sites need to use SSL to collect information see: -

    To resolve this you will need to add your payment gateway to your 'Referral Exclusions List' on your Google account. This will stop Google Analytics taking the last source (which was payment gateway) as the referral and the traffic will attributed correctly.

    You can follow the process mentioned in the following article to add Referral exclusions:-
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