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Error opening Sellerdeck 2014 Site which uses Access 97 Database Version

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  • Error opening Sellerdeck 2014 Site which uses Access 97 Database Version

    I just thought I would add quick message for anyone who has had this problem. This morning (10-01-2019) I had trouble opening a site which had an Access97 backend. It would appear that Microsoft have just issued some updates which have affected this file format and stops Sellerdeck from opening the tables. To overcome this problem I had to upgrade the table from Access97 to Access2000 file format, however this generated conversion errors when performed on the machine that had received the Microsoft updates. So to convert the file I had to copy it to a PC which hadn't automatically updated yet, upgrade the database to the 2000 version then copy it back to the main site folder. Once this was completed the site opened as normal.

    Anyway I hope this helps others as the community has been a great help to me in the past, and yes I will giving myself a serious talking to about not upgrading the file format long ago !!

    PS. I called SD support to give them a heads up

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    Somehow I also have a site in V11 which must still be in Access97 format as well.

    The problem is caused by a Microsoft update which rolled out last week.

    It seems that the escalation has brought things forward. Microsoft has confirmed this as a 'known issue' in all Windows related KB articles from January 8, 2019 security updates. See for instance. A fix is promised for February.
    February seems a rather long timescale for fixing this.

    PS. Apparently this can be worked around by changing a dll file.

    After i replaced \windows\syswow\msrd3x40.dll (08.01.2019)

    by an older version, the problem vanished.
    See the thread I've linked to for the details


    Another solution that should suit the less technical of us (and that includes me) is to uninstall the update the causes the problem.

    Windows 10 - I believe it's the KB4480116 Update
    Windows 7 = It's the KB4480970 update

    I've uninstalled the Windows 7 update and everything is now working normally for me.

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      We've got a site that now refuses to open... I'll check the Windows update status tomorrow.
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