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Testing the setup and operation of SellerdeckPay

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    Testing the setup and operation of SellerdeckPay

    There are a number of tests and checks laid out below that will allow you to check the operation of SellerdeckPay.

    If your integration fails any of these then it’s important to resolve them as soon as possible as it can affect your sales or cause other problems. Contact Sellerdeck Support with as much information as possible about the tests that have failed.

    Before using this article, you will need to have set up SellerdeckPay by ClearAccept as detailed in plus have received and entered the required credentials into the software.

    NOTE: To test ordering, you will be required to order a product and then void the transaction afterwards.

    Account Credentials

    Test 1: Testing your account credentials

    Within v18.2.3 or later, the initial test you would need to perform is to check that the credentials that you have entered are correct. To do this simply click the 'Test' button below the fields, this will then verify if there are any problems with the entries.
    You should see a message similar to the one below: -

    Click image for larger version

Name:	IMAGE1.png
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ID:	556956

    This feature is not available in v18.2.2. If you are using this version, then you will need to forego this test and continue with the ones below. If there is an issue here it will be picked up but only during later tests.

    NOTE: Before conducting this test, you must have your network settings completed in 'Web | Network Setup'.

    Online Operation

    Test 2: Testing the payment method online. Can you get to the final page?

    Upload the site and then go to it and place a test order. When you get to the final checkout page select 'Credit/Debit Card'.

    NOTE: If you receive an error message upon arriving at the final checkout page, make a note of the message displayed and contact Sellerdeck support.

    Test 3: Check that the fields appear.

    You should then see fields displayed like the image below: -

    Click image for larger version

Name:	IMAGE2.png
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    Test 4: Are the fields much bigger than those above?

    If the fields do not appear, or are larger than shown in the image above, please contact Sellerdeck support.

    Test 5: Is the checkbox displayed correctly?

    Some CSS can cause the checkbox next to “Store this card for order adjustments” to not be displayed. Make sure it’s there and works.

    Test 6: Is there a Popup Message?

    If you receive a popup message, make a note of the message displayed and contact Sellerdeck support.

    Card information validation

    Once the fields appear correctly, you can then check the error detection and display.

    Test 7: Do the ClearAccept fields update properly

    As soon as you begin entering the long number into the field, it will detect what card scheme is being used.

    Test 8: Are error messages displayed under the fields

    If the number has been typed incorrectly, it will display a message saying that it is invalid. Similarly a 'Card Expired' message will be displayed if the date entered into the card expiry field has already passed. Check that the error messages appear and are displayed correctly under the fields.

    Test 9: Clicking confirm too early

    If the confirm order button is pressed before the fields are complete a message 'Card selection needs to be completed before clicking Confirm Order' will be seen.

    Test 10: Grey overlay appears

    Once there are valid details in the card fields, clicking the 'Confirm Order' button will activate a grey overlay that covers the page so that the controls cannot be used.

    If this does not happen, or an error message is displayed, please make a note of the message and call Sellerdeck support.

    Test 11: Progress message appears (18.2.3 only)

    In 18.2.3, check that a progress message is displayed on the screen for the customer, see image below: -

    Click image for larger version

Name:	IMAGE3.png
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ID:	556959

    Test 12: 3DSecure message appears

    It is during this stage that any 3DSecure challenge if requested by your bank will appear in a box in front of the message (or grey overlay in v18.2.2).

    Successfully completing the challenge will then transfer you to the receipt page.

    NOTE: Deliberately failing the 3D Secure challenge may trigger your bank’s fraud department to look at the payments.

    NOTE: For some small-value transactions the 3DSecure challenge may not appear. Generally, selecting “Store this card for order adjustments” ensures that it will show.

    NOTE: If the challenge box does not appear in front of all other elements of the page or you cannot enter text into the fields, please contact Sellerdeck support.

    The site will then transfer you to the customer receipt page.

    Test 13: Using saved cards with an account

    Firstly ensure you have a customer account within the software that has been uploaded to the site and can be used for testing.

    Go to your site and login to your test account, create an order and move to the payment page.

    You should now see that the message below the card fields has changed from the one shown above for the guest customer to the one shown in the image below: -

    Click image for larger version

Name:	IMAGE14.png
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ID:	556960

    Tick this option and complete the order, then download it into the software.

    Test 14: Check that the card now appears in the online account

    If automatic synchronisation is enabled, then wait until the cycle has completed or run the command ‘Publish to Web’.

    Return to the site and you should see that the online account contains the stored card: -

    Click image for larger version

Name:	IMAGE13.png
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Size:	53.6 KB
ID:	556961

    Test 15: Check that the saved card now appears as a payment option

    Add an item to the cart and proceed to the checkout and go on to the payment page, you should then see the stored card as a selectable option under ‘Payment Method’: -

    Click image for larger version

Name:	IMAGE5.png
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Size:	19.9 KB
ID:	556962

    Ensure that the radio button options appear to allow selection.

    Test 16: Order using the stored card option

    Selecting the stored card will present a field to enter the CVV security code, click the ‘Confirm Order’ button. Ensure that everything works correctly, are challenged if appropriate and that you are taken to the online receipt page. Once this has been completed, download the order.

    Test 17: Order using the ‘Use different card’ option

    Return to the site and login. Add an item to the cart and proceed to the checkout and go on to the payment page.

    This time choose the option ‘Use different card’, this time the credit card fields will appear below the radio buttons with the tick box ‘Store this card for later re-use’.

    Enter the new card’s details and complete the order as before.

    NOTE: If any of these tests fail, contact Sellerdeck support with as much information as you can.

    Offline Operation

    Test 1: Testing alterations to a non-account order

    In order for additions to be made to an order, the purchasing customer must consent to having their card details stored. As shown above option to do this is given as an opt-in text box below the card fields.

    NOTE: If the purchasing customer has not ticked this option, you cannot make additions to an order, as when using SellerdeckPay by ClearAccept, it is not possible to increase payment beyond what was originally taken in the order. In this case you would need to follow the instructions in the knowledgebase article here: -

    If you have followed the tests so far, you will have downloaded a number of orders of both types, guest or account customers. Select a non-account ‘guest’ order.

    Open the order and go to the 'Line Items' tab and add a product for example. Then go to the 'Payments' tab and you will see the original 'Order Total' and a new 'Outstanding Balance' amount for the item just added, click the 'Pay' button, and you will see an image similar to the one below: -

    Click image for larger version

Name:	IMAGE6.png
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ID:	556963

    Choose 'Pay by Same Card' and click the 'Pay' button, this will then take the further payment.

    NOTE: You can only do it for this order alone, you will not be able to create an offline order for the customer in the future, and the customer would need to complete their card details every time they ordered from you.

    Test 2: Testing alterations to a customer account order

    Choose an order that you have downloaded from the test account that you used earlier.

    Follow the procedure detailed for the non-account customer choosing 'Pay by Same Card' and click the 'Pay' button, this will then take the outstanding payment.

    Test 3: Using a customer account’s stored card for a new order

    As the test account has card details stored, you can test the offline order capability by going to the 'New Order' tab within the software and adding a product as usual, clicking 'Customer Account' and selecting your test account, then when selecting the 'Payment Method' drop down box, you will see that the card has been added here and can be selected: -

    Click image for larger version

Name:	IMAGE7.png
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ID:	556964

    selecting it and clicking the 'Confirm' button will bring up the same payment box with the options to pay available: -

    Click image for larger version

Name:	IMAGE8.png
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ID:	556965

    NOTE: If any of these tests fail, contact Sellerdeck support with as much information as you can.

    What Next..

    At this stage it would be good practice to check the operation under Online Operation above on a mobile device, to see if everything operates as it should there.

    Although you would effectively be repeating the tests above, it is time well invested as it is better to resolve any issue while testing than to have problems when you have gone live.

    Once you are satisfied that the payment method is operating correctly, do not forget to void or cancel all your test orders

    Testing for Apple Pay (if enabled)

    If you have enabled Apple Pay, please go here: Testing the setup and operation of SellerdeckPay - Apple Pay

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